Friday, September 21, 2012

Something Old is Something New for US

Michael with Daniel during a break filming Inglorious Basterds. Doesn't Michael look serious sexy when he's caught off guard?
 Emilie posted this picture at the FF Pinterest board this morning. A friend emailed it to her. Thanks friend of Emilie! :-)

There have been no updates at FF because it's been quiet on the Michael front. And the timing couldn't be better for me because this week has been absolutely chaotic for me. I'm working in a new department (temp or perm, I don't know), and I went to my classes on Monday/Tuesday night, and I've not been feeling well due to seasonal sinus migraine problems. But alas, I bought some Advil migraine brain medicine and I am doing fine now. It's just so hard to concentrate on the level of reading that I must do for my classes when it feels like elves are in my skull piercing the back left side of my skull with hot pins. But this happens every year with the season changes so I just deal with it.

Oh, I made some purchases for me at the Fassinating Store. I ordered the 'Drink and be Fassy' mug, a notebook (with his face on it from TIFF), some buttons, and a keychain. Now check this out. Zazzle is pretty on top of trademark stuff, so that's why I knew that you can't use copyrighted images. However, that also goes for copyrighted text, and I forgot that when I made a keychain out of the University of Michigan cap picture his agency sent to me, but adding the text 'Go Michael! Go Blue!' Zazzle emailed me saying that they had to cancel my order because of the copyrighted 'Go Blue' phrase. Ooops! So I modified the keychain to just have the website address on it, and it's ok  now. I deleted the 'go blue' style. So lesson learned, but it's all good.

And what day is it?



Dionne said...

I've never seen that pic. Thanks Simone & Emilie's friend. lol

I like him with his hair like that better than the buzz cut or whatever you call it that he's sporting now.


marcia said...

Ohhh, i like his hair the way it is now to this film, he looks so neat :) I guess we all love our Fassy one way or the other.