Monday, September 3, 2012

The First Sale!

I don't want anyone to identify themselves, but I just want to say thank you for being the first sale at A Fassinating Store today with two purchases! It pleases me greatly to see that people are checking out the store, but when I got the email that two products where purchased today, it was a sigh of relief. This comes on the heels of being bashed big time at IMDB (typical) for creating the store and the concept of the store seems, to them, tacky, ripping off Michael, and of very, very poor quality. Hey, this is my first time doing this and with time, the product quality and variety will improve. Sheesh! Thanks for the first and future customers who buy from the Fassinating Store and providing proof that there is a market for true Fassinators who want to have a few cute custom made items to demonstrate their support for Michael Fassbender and Fassinating Fassbender! Can you imagine meeting Michael one day while wearing a Team Fassbender t-shirt? Because I'm saving my pennies for Toronto later this week to attend tiff, I plan on buying a cup, t-shirt, and a notebook for school. If there are any accessory item you'd like to see for sale, please let me know! xoxo