Friday, September 28, 2012

The Hell? (Updated)

I'm in shock. Here is how you treat and prevent shock:
1.    Have the patient lie flat. - No, the bitch should be lying flat.
2.    Support the patient’s legs so that the patient’s feet can be raised. - I want to kick the bitch.
3.    Keep the patient warm by using blankets but be careful not to overheat the patient. - Gimme that blanket so I can smother the bitch.

You get the point. I just read some serious shit that has left me speechless. I'll post the link in the morning, I just can deal with it right now. It's at tumblr - the ID of two heifers behind the anti-Michael and Nicole hate. Unbelievable!

No comments allowed. 

Update: I have posted one comment with a link. This topic is too emotional and I do not want it to hijack this blog. Thanks!

Update 2: In the event someone is looking to compile all evidence related to this situation to consolidate in one historical format, I do have a screenshot of GH's original offensive tumblr post. Just email me.

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Simone said...

Due to the nature of the topic, I still do not want to promote active discussion about said topic, it's too distressing, disturbing, and distracting from the overall goal of Fassinating Fassbender.

However, below is the link to the tumblr in question which successfully presents the investigative findings by some Fassinators of the identity of two people behind the racist campaign against fans in the Fandom, and against Michael's current girlfriend Nicole.

It is my hopes that this revelation can start to heal some people who have been wounded personally, and have lost interest in the fandom because of this.

The ID of the primary agitator should in no way have a negative reflection upon Michael as this key headcase is no longer a part of his life - haven't been so in eons. And that makes it all the more perplexing that she would be revealed as the mastermind of madness in the fandom. Sometimes it's too difficult trying to understand why people do things... in that case, there's no rational explanation, other than that they are ignorant, mentally unbalanced, and cruel.

These two bitches have been called out and I'm relieved.

Apart of the Fassy Fandom

ps. Thanks to the people who researched this and got down to the bottom of it.