Sunday, October 14, 2012

Surprise Meeting with Michael

After being bogged down with studying for an exam and reading too much this weekend, it was to my complete delight to hear from Dionne that her mission to meet Michael this weekend in Austin was a success! A fluke, but a success none-the-less. Due to the delicate nature as to how she was able to meet Michael, she gave me permission to write a post about it but to be careful not to release identifying details that could get her and her hook-up in trouble.

Dionne traveled to Austin from her hometown which is a notable driving distance, with hopes to see Michael filming that Terrence Malick movie. She visits Austin often enough to have an idea how to position herself, with the help of an industry friend. She did not see him on Saturday and was bummed out about it, but, that's life. However, she saw Ryan Gosling and Natalie Portman... but no Fassy. As she was set to drive back home Saturday night, her sister informed her that there was a tornado warning back home and to not come home that evening, instead, ride back early Sunday. Already, you can sense that the Fassy Gods above was cooking up something for Dionne. She remains in Austin for an unscheduled evening.

A scene is being shot and it was completed.  Dionne, goes over and introduces herself and get's a HUG! Now, this is where I have to interject. In the two years that I have known Dionne, I have failed to ask her for a picture so I can see what she looks like. Maybe I thought I saw her once before, but it just dawned on me today, that I don't know what my own admin team member looks like. After she told me about her luck today, she then sends me a picture of her upon my request, and it's clear why Michael was compelled to donate a hug to her. She's supermodel gorgeous! Nicole better cling tight onto Michael from this point on because Dionne is his type! (Sorry Dionne for embarrassing you, but I think it's just so cool and funny!) In the one minute that they talk, she said she found out about him from Fassinating Fassbender (Yeah, pimp our blog!) After a brief convo Dionne left... but she knows that Michael knew she was a fan and was cool with her being there. No pictures or autographs, but what happened in Austin, happened, and it could not happen to a more deserving fan.

Congrats Dionne... I knew this would happen for you, and thank GOD for that tornado! :)


Dionne said...

OMG! Edit edit edit. I don't know what to say. Thank you for the compliments Simone but now I want to crawl into a corner and die of embarrassment. lol

Kelly Shelton said... are so LUCKY!!! Is he as good looking in person as he is on screen and in photos?

Dionne said...

@Kelly Shelton he is just as good looking in person. Ask Simone she's seen him as well. He's very handsome in person! His eyes are very beautiful and he's super nice to fans.

marcia said...

This is great Dionne! :)

Simone said...

Sorry for embarrassing you Dionne... but I'm sure others would agree with me. Fassy surely gravitated to you. :p

And yes, the entry has been edited within minutes of it's original post just to keep some details as non-specific as possible.

émilie said...

Congrats! This movie will be special for you! You have to take some rest now, too many emotions!

Vera said...

Ohhh lucky Dionne!!!)))) congratz and may this not be the one and only meeting!!!!))))

Maria Willis said...

Dionne, I bow down to you, and admire the fact that you got to meet him.

I love how close this place is and you exemplify that.


Dionne said...

@marcia thank you
@Simone what am I going to do with you? lol
@Emilie you are right it will be I hope Fass makes it until the end and doesn't get cut.
@Vera if the fassy gods be with me it won't be
@Maria Willis thank you so much. FF is a family and I'm glad you noticed ;)

I hope everyone who frequents here get's to meet the elusive unicorn know scientifically as 'The Fassbender' and commonly as Fassy and/or the land shark :p

Jhessye said...

Oh my gosh. Dionne. That's awesome. Now isn't that now three of the people at FF who have met Fassy? Simone, Dionne and emilie. I think that there's a video with emilie handing Fassy some cigs as a gift? Correct if I am inaccurate. And it's so crazy I am thinking of visiting Austin. Ahhhh this is so awesome. Well girls the tides are a Rollin. I hope we all get to meet the Fassy. Woooooo!

Dionne said...

@Jhessye yes that makes 3. The video with Emilie was priceless. I still lol at the way she threw her head back, so cute. I hope everyone get's to meet him as well :)

Simone said...

Yes, all three of us have met Michael, and that's why I'm even more excited and happy for Dionne. Meeting Michael and being an admin of FF, just makes the 'fassination' with him come full circle - one feels more complete and purposeful in their mission of being the primary cheerleaders of the fan community. We're all so lucky too.

And you know what, Dionne's chance of meeting him demonstrates what fans have to do... GO to him, go to where he may be if you want that chance encounter to meet him. So many people have written about 'Oh woe is me, I'll never meet him'. And yeah, with that attitude, you won't! Get up and get as close to him as logistics will allow, and chances are higher that you'll meet him.


Fingersmith said...

@Simone, well said. It reminds me of an old joke: some guy was praying to God: "God please, let me win millions of dollars in a lottery." He's been praying and praying like that for years. Finally, God gets annoyed with him and shouts back: "Oi, you! Gimme a chance, buy a fricking lottery ticket!"
So there.

Simone said...

Found this at the MF appreciation thread:

"by the way, who would travel far to meet a celeb and NOT take a pic? and then act cryptic about how they met this person when it's tons of other people meeting that celeb during the same weekend who ARE posting pics? so odd. why the mystery?"

What part of the post did you not understand that this chance meeting with Michael was not even a last minute thing, but a last second fluke opportunity arranged by an industry person friend on the secret downlow? Furthermore, no pictures could be taken as no 'fans' were allowed - let alone while actual filming of a Malick film is in progress.

People are spoiled from how narcisistic people live their lives on reality shows, they forget that not everyone is eager to brag and show off their adventures with Michael, some fans are shy and private. I for one have not shared my personal photo with Michael for this very reason, and for privacy... and... to prevent my picture from being misused.

Just respect the fact that someone took the time to share their meeting with Michael to the rest of us.

Jhessye said...

@ Simone Also People like that who makes those comments are also idiots.

Dionne said...

Delusional people don't understand the word "privacy". They have no boundaries in how far they will go and so they can't understand why anyone else would withhold anything like pictures or details from strangers.

Case in point this very example is why some fans aren't comfortable sharing their experiences. It's widely known by most Fassy fans that some "fans" are not all there and are waiting for the chance to misuse something. Hints, why I didn't want my story posted and only agreed to have it posted if it were kept as vague as possible.

BUT of course dimwits with low comprehension skills and the I.Q. of a gnat would not understand that. Perhaps the one who wrote that is comfortable sharing any and everything (which is cool) but some are not and I think most sane people can respect that.

Ziporah's Spot said...

@Simone it's a widely known fact that the girl's in the MF Appreciation thread are not fans... they are looney tunes that most people just ignore. They stalk people on Twitter, harassing random fans, they are racist and ignorant. I think you upset the leader by calling Dionne gorgeous. ha I would suggest you let them melt down in peace (ignore them like everyone else)because they crave attention since they don't get it in their daily lives. Really nothing more than a joke and laughing stock but I guess it's flattering that they read your blog.

Simone said...

@Ziporah's Spot,

Thanks for your feedback. I have no idea if my choice of words, or rather, my opinion, that upon looking at two pictures of my friend Dionne, announcing that she's "gorgeous" would have ever offended anyone. I don't toss the 'G' word around often, so when I say it, I fucking mean it. That's pretty fucked up someone would be upset by me saying that someone is very attractive. Also, I'm a Libra and we have a natural talent for finding some things/people beautiful, it's my cross to bare. ;)

But to spare any further embarrassment upon Dionne, I'll just shut up.

Maria Willis said...

Racism, misogyny, and fanaticism blow my mind in general when it comes to fan bases: we all have one thing in common, our appreciation for an actor-personal attacks are unnecessary and speak volumes about the person flinging them, IMO.

I'm just glad there are pockets of sanity around the internet :)

Simone said...

^ Thanks Maria, I'm glad you consider FF to be a sane place for fans.