Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Erik Fassbender

This is one of those images of Michael where... if just for a moment, you do slip into a temporary, cute but totally delusional fantasy about him.


Dionne said...

Erik Fassbender lol. I like it, he was so sexy as Magneto. The turtle necks and bad assery

Unknown said...

I thought you might be interested in a couple pieces of info.

Frank is an "atmospheric comedy about a guy played by Gleeson who wants to be a musician, practises in his bedroom but is crap and is desperate for something exciting to happen in his life. He gets drawn into the world of this really quite bizarre band who have an unpronounceable name with a lead singer who spends his time inside a globe-like head and that's Fassbender. It's partially a road movie and it's a riff on outsider musicians. It's a lovely study of what it is to want to be creative and discover that you can't do the thing you want to do. It's like an antidote to all those films which say 'dream and it will happen'." That sounds like a very Irish mentality, "It is," smiles the director. http://entertainment.ie/cinema/news/Interview-Lenny-Abrahamson-and-Jack-Reynor-talk-What-Richard-Did/142634.htm

The Hollywood Reporter mentioned in a Lynne Ramsay-related story today that Jane Got a Gun will probably start shooting in late January.

Simone said...

^ Great! thanks for the update!