Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Get Your Irish On!

Hey, remember this post about the Irish company, Irish Empire? Well the nice man sent me a t-shirt and it's very, very nice. But he also sent me a second t-shirt! I'm keeping the large-ladies one he sent me (they must run small in Ireland cuz it fits me perfectly - I normally wear small t-shirts). And the other one is a regular medium, I'm sure it's a men's medium, but when I hold it up to me, it fits ok, but the ladies version is more shapely and feminine.

Anyway, I want to donate the second shirt to one of you. For this contest, I want to give the regular posters a chance to win, and you know who you are regular posters. And only those regular posters who have posted a comment here at FF within the past 10 days (Oct 1- today), are eligible to participate. I will mail this t-shirt anywhere on the planet, no problemo!

What do you have to do to enter? By replying to this thread, you are entering into the contest, but also, type a number, any number that quickly comes to mind between 1 through 100. I already have a number in mind. Who ever hits the number on the dot, or comes closest to the number, wins. It's that easy!

The winner will be announced on TGIFassy Friday!

So, if you want to show your Irish Spirit wherever in the world you are, enter this contest by 6am EST on Friday, October 12th.


Dionne said...

How cool, so um I don't know if I can enter or not but if I can I so want the t-shirt

Gabriel said...

I would totally rock that shirt lol. I hope I'm eligible :)

As for a number, let's go with 17

Simone said...

Yes Dionne, you and Emilie can enter. Good luck!

Dionne said...

My number is 43

émilie said...

Mine is 35

Vera said...

Whoa!if I can be considered regular (and as far as I remember I have commented recently), my number is 7.
And good luck to everybody!!!!