Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Things are getting out of hand

It was brought to my attention last night that Michael's wikipedia page is on admin lockdown due to someone vandalizing his page. The focus of attention seem to be just on the 'Personal Life' section... gee, I wonder why? I'm getting to the point of frustration because it seems to me, that people seem to mostly be interested in speculating, and then debating about Michael Fassbender's personal life. Here we have a man who is a great award-winning actor, a decent human being, an intelligent, happy-go-lucky lad, a sane person, a beautiful spirit. But that doesn't matter, what matters to the people who create and stir the gossip, and to the people who feed on said gossip, is just that... the gossipy shit.

This page is currently protected from editing until October 4, 2012 or until disputes have been resolved. This protection is not an endorsement of the current version.
Whenever I create a blog post, such as this one, that addresses the gossip 'static', visits to FF increase two-fold. It has been that way for a very long time, and sadly, it's not going to change. People who are borderline 'fans' of Michael do not come here regularly to read genuine info about his career, or to view images, but when there is a hint of gossip tossed into an article, they come a running! I can't explain it other than to realize that it's just human nature to want to sit back and judge others, instigate into personal aspects of a stranger's life, and analyze things about people that  really is none of their goddamn business.

Just when I think the general audience is savvy and mature, I'm reminded that they are not. Recent unfounded gossip, posted on twitter for fucks sake, is being taken seriously. And get this... "anonymous" posts and questions on a Grade A-verified batshit insane tumblr (which should have been taken down months ago) are being believed. Hear say is being believed and discussed, and the sudden flood of bullshit gossip about private behavior is being considered as possibly truthful. Are some of you people really this thick and gullible? This is just the climax of a long designed gossipy campaign to smear Michael Fassbender's reputation, and I'm sick of it. The straw that broke the camel's back is the wiki page vandalism. I speculate that the vandal has tried to add inaccurate and/or malicious junk about his personal life onto the wiki page. I had been editing his wiki page since late 2009 with film production information. But again, to tie in with today's gossip feeding frenzy, the focus on his wiki page has been about his personal life... nothing substantive or helpful about his CAREER, but shit about his personal life that does not matter in the grander scheme of things.

Also, since I'm ranting, I'm concerned that my name and the blog are being mentioned in a manner that is trying to be provocative. The only thing I'll say is that for those of you who are familiar with Fassinating Fassbender, you know that the primary reason why I do not discuss Michael Fassbender's private life is because I don't care about it! Until this recent craziness, only one person's name has been banned, the other two notable decent persons I have been fine with. That's all I'm saying. I care that someone in their deranged state of mind, has deliberately taken my admin policies out of context and twisted my words. And if you believe them, then shame on you!

I take pride in knowing that a strong, mature, supportive core of Michael Fassbender fans come here regularly because they like the coverage of Michael's career that we provide. If I did not have FF, as a fan, I personally would be hard pressed to find another Fassbender fan community that does what we do. I don't mean to dismiss other fan communities, but what we have here, is unique, and it satisfies my needs as a Fassbender fan, and I know many of you feel the same way. We have a perfect balance of being silly, sentimental, and serious when it comes to things Fassbender.

What will happen later this week, next month, or next year with the gossip, I do not know. But I will address the bullshit as it comes. All I ask of you, if you've read this far, is that if you are a serious Michael fan, be smart about what you read. Consider the source - that's very important... the SOURCE. Take anonymous commentary (especially hit and run tweets and anon comments on tumblr) with a bucket of salt because apparently a grain just ain't fuckin' enough for some people! Individuals with an axe to grind and a bridge to blow the fuck up, should be ignored - they are not fans of Michael, they do not like Michael, they do not respect Michael, so why as a FAN of Michael, should YOU pay attention to such pitiful persons?

If you take all my suggestions to heart, you'll be a Happy Fassbender Fan! :D


torie grant said...

How do you know the cheating rumours about Michael are not true? What proof do you have? Michael is no different than any other Hollywood actors out there who cheat on their significant other.

I live in Hackney and have seen Fassbender around. The guy has a wondering eye. I have seen him around Broadway market eyeing up women. I am one of them. I am not making this up, bitter or delusional. Why the hell would these women want to make things up? He is not perfect. Neither am I or anybody else. His wandering eye is one of the worst kept secrets in Hackney. Michael is a bloody good actor and I know people who have worked with him. The pub used in Pitch Black Heist is one of my local hunts and I know the owner. He has nothing but nice things to say about him. Michael is a nice guy but even nice guys can cheat and have other failings too.

Whether you like it or not people have always been interested in stars personal lives since the beginning of Hollywood and the studio system. There is no shame in that. For' God's sake stars peddle their private lives to sell tickets.

You need to chill and get off your high horse. He ain't no Angel.

Thanks for reading.

Simone said...

@tori grant

News Alert! Michael Fassbender's eyes work... he looks around and see people! He's a living breathing male person!

This wandering eye thing is silly, so what. He saw me twice, up close, and smiled even, hugged and kissed me, am I suppose send out wedding invitations now?

I've known since 2007 he's a charismatic flirt... big deal. What I'm focusing on is the onslaught of exaggerated and or unfounded malicious gossip about him from people with agendas.

You say you see him often in Hackney, wow, how fun for you.

Dionne said...

LOL @ tori grant! The new posters here are hilarious, not all but some. You act like Michael is supposed to be a freaking Monk. He "looked at you" and now he's a cheater etc. LMAO Girl please come off of it.

The Easter bunny stared me down the other day on Mars...

The gullibility of certain people are too much for me.

I like that you discuss Michael's career here Simone. If I want gossip and here say I'll go on Twitter.

Joe said...

This has got to be the nuttest fandom I've come across in a long time. Who cares if he does or doesn't have a wandering eye? Or if his fans believe he is perfect or not. My question is why is it so important to some people that his fans know that he maybe a cheater or a beater? Who cares?! That is between him and his girlfriend. If he is one or both or none it won't affect your or my life one bit. So why care? Okay I had to say that cos that's the second time this week I've read a comment someone posted about Michael's "wandering eye".

Anonymous said...

Nothing good comes from idle gossip. When I am Empress of the world, social media will be banned and all those who partake in myface and twitbook will be flayed alive.

Gabriel said...

Some people just want to see the world burn. I don't think anyone has ever said that Michael is prefect because honestly I don't just like Michael for these qualities or those qualities I like him for him, in his entirety. And I may not know him personally, but i'm pretty sure if I ran into him in a bar he would be kind enough to have a drink with me.


Anonymous said...

Nah Gerard Butler's fans are off the scale-kathy-bates-in-misery-kinda-nutty, they even go on pilgrimage to Las Vegas every year to worship him. These girls on twitter are not even a tiny blip on the stalker radar.

Simone said...

You got that right Gabriel, and so far one of those world burners voted that yes, they enjoy the gossip - not even a fan.


@LittleNell - I know what you mean, but if I was ruler of the world, if you're going to gossip, your real identity should be made public for all to know, so that they know, who is stirring the shit. Get my drift?

@Joe, a LOT of fandoms are jacked up, being a fan of a celebrity brings out the mental. :/

Simone said...

Oh Littlenell, I hear that Gerard Butler's fans are superfucked up, but... why?

He's a C-lister, and he has some issues.

Anonymous said...

Simone, never have I come across a fandom more worthy of an actors contempt than Gerard Butler's . They stalk him around the globe to such a point that the words 'acceptable boundary' no longer exist; all in the vain hope he'll marry one of them. One of the most fucked up of the ladies flew to Scotland and attempted to climb into his mother's garden before she was caught. Fassbender better start praying it never gets this bad. There are some real crazies out there.

Simone said...

@LittleNell,that is fuckery at a new level. Dang.

Viggo Mortensen fandom has some crazies too.

I hope the Fassbender fandom doesn't get that way, it would be terrible.

Maria Willis said...

Look, I read the gossip because it's out there, but like with anything else I don't take it seriously. I like his work and his face (duh) but I don't know him and the day I ever find myself referencing him personally, I'm quitting the internets.

The only thing I have a genuine problem with are the allegations (I won't bring that crap here). I just wish people would stop condemning based on something with no substantial proof. No one deserves to be labeled our branded for something that has never been proven NOR should those of us who are fans be subjected to attacks for choosing to trust in good over bad.

/that's all I got

Kelly Shelton said...

As long as there has been celebrities there has been gossip. It's apart of the pomp and circumstance of the public knowing your name. Gossip has been around since the silent era of film. The difference between then and now, is that now we have various forms of social media; facebook, twitter,tumbler, blogs, etc. that people can use to spread the gossip/rumor/innuendo faster and it will reach more people.

I think it's up to the individual to decide what is truth vs. what is fiction or what is real vs. what is ridiculous.

You will always have people who will support Michael, his career and his films. But on the other side of the fence there will always be haters and/or trolls who will always find fault with him and go back to one particular incident in his past.

It's up to his true fans to continue supporting him and not entertain the haters or trolls. These people are looking for entertainment and attention, that's what they want.

In the words of Bishop T.D. Jakes the best way to kill something is to ignore it and that's what we have to do, because if we keep feeding into the bullshit it's not going to stop. It will just lead into something else.

Iris Ezer said...

Try to avoid gossup, it will do wonders to your blood pressure.

torie grant said...

@ Simone

Well Simone I have to say that I am disappointed in your response. I was not excepting any snark from you. However, I shouldn't really be surprised because you are a fan. And the word fan is short for fanatical. That’s what you ladies are fanatical in your support of Michael. When you are dealing with fanatics all reason goes out of the window: you see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear and dismiss those whose opinion of Michael’s character is different to yours. However, all fanatics have a knack of filtering out all the bad stuff and just focusing on the good stuff.

I do not know if those abuser allegations are true or not. However, I do know that he is an outrageous flirt and likes to hit on the ladies when he is back in Hackney. I have seen him in action and I have heard too many stories of Michael’s cheating ways to dismiss them as nothing but vicious rumours.

Thanks for posting my comments.

Simone said...

Torie, the term fanatic can have a negative connotation, just as you have prescribed upon me, and my fellow fan peers.

1. a person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits
2. informal a person devoted to a particular hobby or pastime; fan: a jazz fanatic

Of the two definitions of fanatic above, I would embrace #2 as I believe 'devoted' is more representative of my feelings for Michael and this fandom. Whereas you, for instance, seem to been a negative fanatic in trolling a fan community in which you do not share the same positive and supportive feelings towards Mr. Fassbender.

I'm also a fanatic of learning, I'm working on my Master's degree; I'm a proud and long-time fanatic of the rock group Pearl Jam, since 1992. I'm a fanatic over nail varnish, and I'm a sushi fanatic (I'm going to have some for lunch today). I'm also a fanatic over my interest in Buddhism and...

I'm a severe fanatic over the color purple.

You obviously do not belong here Torie Grant, so I hope you just stay away, and keep up your fanatic walking around Hackney fanatically looking out for Michael as he's walking around like a normal man minding his own business.

torie grant said...

Dear Simone

I have lived in the London Borough of Hackney for bloody ten years. I am a local and I do not have to go hunting for anyone. That's where I live. Hackney is my patch and the place I call home. I can go anywhere I bloody like. Sadly , Hackney over the last five years has become the 'happening' and 'trendy' place attracting celebs and hipsters. It's more likely that new comers/celebs will be bumping into me around my hunts which I have been going to for years. Christ- before they were trendy.

Keep up with your fanaticism.

Yours Torie

Simone said...

Troll... I mean Torie, you have said enough and we all suspect your reasons for being here. It's been fun, but, now's the time for you to simply stay away. I have my fanaticism, and you certainly have your bloody fanaticism.

Good bye, and good riddance.

Dionne said...


ROTFLMAO I bet you've never even been to Hackney let alone live there. At least I got a couple laughs though.