Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fassbender and Firth is Genius!

Fassbender & Firth in 'Genius' is... Genius!
I smell Oscar bait on this newly announced project for Michael and co-starring the brilliant and handsome Colin Firth. For those of us fond of men from Ireland and England, this movie will have it all. As just announced late this afternoon, while Michael is still working on that movie thing down in Austin, and confirming Frank and Assassin's Creed all good to go, and toss in a dash of Jane Got a Gun, the man has the nerve to sign on yet another damn movie, but this one has the hallmarks for a great chatty film about two men in the literary world in the 1920-30s, titled, 'Genius'.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Colin Firth and Michael Fassbender are set to star in Genius, based on A. Scott Berg's National Book Award winning biography Max Perkins: Editor of Genius.The film will chart the real-life relationship between literary giant Thomas Wolfe (Fassbender) and renowned editor Max Perkins (Firth), who developed a tender, complex friendship that changed the lives of both men forever.

I also went to Michael's wikipedia page to update it with the Genius info, and then I reviewed Maxwell Perkins' wiki and this is what I found about Max and Thomas:
The greatest professional challenge Perkins ever faced was posed by Thomas Wolfe, whose talent was matched only by his lack of artistic self-discipline. Unlike most writers, who are often blocked, words poured out of Wolfe. A blessing in some ways, this was a curse too, as Wolfe was greatly attached to each sentence he wrote. After a tremendous struggle, Perkins induced Wolfe to cut 90,000 words from his first novel, Look Homeward, Angel (1929). His next, Of Time and the River (1935), was the result of a two-year battle during which Wolfe kept writing more and more pages in the face of an ultimately victorious effort by Perkins to hold the line on size.[1] Grateful to Perkins at first for discovering him and helping him realize his potential, Wolfe later came to resent the popular perception that he owed his success to his editor. Wolfe left Scribner's after numerous fights with Perkins. Despite this, Perkins served as Wolfe's literary executor after his early death in 1938 and was considered by Wolfe to be his closest friend.

This movie sounds very interesting. Upon first reading about this, I thought that this was going to be a gay love story, especially when you read "tender" and "complex" in one sentence, and I would soooo be down with that. But, I think it's just two compassionate guys who work so close together to create moving literary works that it translated into a special bond between them.

I don't know how Michael does it, but he will have a full plate for 2013-2014. So much so, that I would start a campaign to make him slow down if another film is announced that he'll star in... I mean really, does he want to get us Fassbendered out?

Nah! that ain't never gonna happen boy! Working this hard, Michael, Daddy Fassbender and Michael's BFF Emerson need to go on another cross-country motorcycle ride, he'll deserve it!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Dionne said...

As soon as I read the synopsis I thought 'Oscar bait'. lol Michael is a machine, I don't know how he works back to back and always gives such quality performances but he does. Fass and Firth!!! F yes

émilie said...

Wow, I was away for two days, and it seems I missed a lot of news!

Martha said...

Fassbendered Out? Not possible. I want more! I grow anxious when nothing about him is posted. LOL. Sometimes I suffer from Fassbender withdrawal.

I guess the only reason I would want him to slow down would be because I would not want him to burn out. A burned out Fassy would do us no good.

émilie said...

This project sounds very interesting. I'm like Martha, I can't have enough of him so I'm happy when another project is announced, especially when it has Colin Firth in it. I hope Michael will keep some time in 2013 for promoting Twelve Years A Slave and The Counselor (for a premiere in France, for instance LOL)

Vera said...

Wow, that looks good! I think the plot that can be made of the relationship referred to by Simone is absolutely terrific! and I really liked The Dangerous Method that was all about complicated relationships. And the Fassy-Firth tandem also sounds great!
We are now waiting for such a number of projects to finish...and God only knows where Michael gets all the strength for them...

Hupsakeek said...

I was very busy and not able to read mails and blogs. So fifteen minutes ago reading this was like getting a gift ....Fassbender and Firth together in a film! I think this can/will be a great project with such actors involved. Michael is harvesting now what he seeds and we all know that you must harvest when the time is right!

Hupsakeek said...

sorry for the bad English, I meant: harvesting what he has sowed