Saturday, November 10, 2012

'Fassinator' has been added to Urban Dictionary

To my surprise, I found by happenstance yesterday that the noun 'Fassinator' was not listed at Urban Dictionary. It is a term that has been in the Fassbender fandom for about 7 years now which is a fandom term for us fassy fans, and only until 18 hours ago, was it added to Urban Dictionary by yours truly. I visit UD once in a while when I need to understand a 'Hipster' term. For instance, yesterday I went there to understand what 'smh' meant. I see this shit all the time and I got fed up and went to UD to find out what it was, and doh!... it means 'shake my head'. Anyway, then I just did a search for Fassinator and it came up 'no search found'. I fixed that sho 'nuff!

ps. I saw 'Skyfall' last night and I'm going to score it a 10! It was fucking awesome! I'll post a link to the Theatre of Zen review shortly. Read the REVIEW.

Source: Urban Dictionary


émilie said...

smh LOL
It's great that Fassinator has been added! It was a real gap that you've successfully filled!

Simone said...

I'm just amazed that after all these years, it was not listed there. We fans have been referenced as Fassinators in the press so it's a legit and established term. Oh well, maybe UD was waiting for me to do it. LOL! smh


Dionne said...

LOL I love the definition! About damn time. I agree that 'Skyfall' was amazing as well.

Vera said...

Wow! now we can say something like "Oh, you can look me up in the Urban Dictionary!" This is really cool))))

Zeninca said...

So has Fassdong . Lol