Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Michael and Ian McKellan in 'Days of Future Past'

I have been feeling like I'm trapped in an episode of the Twilight Zone over the past couple of days. My attention and time management is in full demand for both school and work and it's tiring! So that's why it was pretty cool seeing a tweet yesterday from XMen Director, Bryan Singer, about the next Xmen movie, 'Days of Future Past', featuring along with Michael Fassbender, the coolest old dude in Hollywood, Ian McKellen. Yes, elder Magneto and young Magneto in the same film! And that also means that James McAvoy's older Professor X character played by Patrick Stewart will also be in the film. I don't know about you but this is very exciting to me!

It's that time of year when some fans are thinking about sending Michael holiday greetings for Christmas. I have received some inquiries about how to do so, and I'm just providing people with the mailing address to his London agency. Don't bother with the LA based one because they aren't very fan friendly, and they're in Los Angeles, whereas London is Michael's home base. And his London agency moved so you may want to make note of their new address:

Michael Fassbender
c/o Troika
10a Christina Street
London, England

The Troika folks will forward mail to Michael. Even if you don't hear anything back, just know that he got it along with a mountain of other well wishes from fans.

And if you're thinking about sending fan mail to Michael and the futility in doing so, read this 'Hollywood's New A-List' article which focuses on Michael:'

When people talk about the Hollywood “A-list,” they often mention actors like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie. Although these are some of the best-known and most respected actors right now in Hollywood, there are several new performers working their way up through the ranks.

Although it can be tough to predict who will have lasting star power, there are several young actors who have started making a name for themselves that could be likely candidates for Hollywood’s future “A-list.” Here are a few up and coming actors I think have the potential to make a lasting impression on the silver screen.

1. Michael Fassbender

As a fan of superhero movies in general, I was excited for last summer’s premiere of “X-Men: First Class,” a prequel to the previous X-Men film trilogy. I loved the movie, and there were a number of factors that made it great — the characters, the music, the special effects, the story. But after my friends and I walked out of the theater after watching the movie, one factor in particular dominated our conversation: Michael Fassbender.

With the help of his equally talented co-star, James McAvoy, Fassbender elevates “First Class” from a good superhero movie to a great one. His intense, conflicted performance as Magneto absolutely blew me away. It’s easy for a villain to become one-dimensional, but Fassbender never lets that happen. Even when we as the audience know Magneto’s ideas are wrong, because of his complicated, painful past, we never lose our sense of sympathy for him.

No matter what film he’s in, Fassbender makes the audience take notice, and his persona dominates every scene he’s in. Although he plays more of a secondary role in this summer’s dark sci-fi epic “Prometheus,” his character, the android “David,” is likely the character you’ll remember most. In my opinion, Fassbender is one of the most promising and intriguing actors today. He has a driving intensity but also a wry sense of humor, and he’s equally at home in blockbusters and indies. It’s a shame it took Hollywood so long to “discover” Michael Fassbender, but I have a feeling he’s going to have a long and very productive career.


Dionne said...

XMEN Days of Future Past looks like it's going to be pretty freaking awesome!

melodious_nocturne said...

Hey Simone, I'm just gonna ask... since when did Troika move because I sent Michael a fan mail around the end of July this year?

Simone said...

I just noticed their new mailing address so I don't know when they moved. I'm sure that since they are a talent agency that receives a LOT of mail for the 60+ celebrities they manage, they have their mail forwarded to their new address.

Vera said...

"his persona dominates every scene he’s in"
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!
Totally agree with Dionne!!! so many powerful personalities guarantee an intrigue as a minimum.

Martha said...

I heard about this yesterday and I have to say I was very excited to hear the news. It should be fun.

Yes there are millions of people who have not "discovered" Michael yet. I was telling one of the administrative assistants at work about my celebrity crush and she was like WHO? When the world knows of him they will curse themselves for missing him for so long.

Oh by the way Simone I went to see the McQueen exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. I did like it very much. I can see how even in his small pieces he tries to extract emotions from people. Probably one of the longest films about miners was very intense. I had a hard time sitting through it. I definitely felt bad for the miners that have to deal with this stuff everyday.

And no wonder he has no patience with Michael not wanting to disrobe. I have now seen these two friends naked. I went with a male friend and I am so glad than when we got to the main part of the exhibit I asked him to start on the left while I started on the right. We ended up meeting at the Tribute to the Soldier's stamp exhibit because I felt it would be safe. Am I glad I did this otherwise I would have been very uncomfortable watching some of these things.

émilie said...

Martha, I would have loved to see this exhibit, you're very lucky!
Michael is in Dublin now (according to twitter). I guess the shooting of Frank will be very different from the Malick's movie!

Fingersmith said...

When I see articles like this, where people discover Michael's incredible talent and skills, I always feel like a proud mama... Silly, I know, but I can't help it. :)
And then I'm like: "Now you KNOW." LOL
As for Frank & Dublin - I can't wait to see some shots from the set! If we see any, that is...