Friday, November 23, 2012

TGIFassy 1123

The day after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the winding down of this year as the holiday season officially starts off. And as 2012 comes to a close, I have a few fun things planned for December here at FF, so stay tuned! It's been an interesting past few months watching Michael film two serious dramas, and now he should be starting to work on a much lighter and funnier type of film, 'Frank', and in the UK no less.

Today, in an hour, I'm going to treat myself to a brutal session of Bikram Yoga - there's only going to be two sessions today, and since most people have the day off, it's going to be jammed packed with bodies. The energy of the Bikram session is much more exciting, but then again, you got people, to your left, right, front, and behind you. Basically, people all up in my personal sweaty space, so we'll see how this goes. And I'm going to see Skyfall for a second time. I'm doing all this today so that I can use the entire weekend to study for an exam on Monday.

Who amongst you is participating in the Black Friday craziness? I'm pleased to say that I do not shop during this time, I don't fall for the hype, but I guess it's fun for some people.

Well, TGIFassy to you!


Maria Willis said...

I don't have the patience or the masochism for black Friday, enjoy your yoga.

émilie said...

I can't wait to see what you've planned for December on FF! Hope you liked Skyfall as much as the first time you saw it. "black Friday" is something completely unknown for us French people, I had to look for some information about it on the web.

Varekai said...

There's so much fine print stuff and savings (after in mail in rebates) etc that's it's all just a hyped up scam to keep people physically shopping in retail. The sales aren't that spectacular believe it or not and the rare few that are (they say first 8 in the door...fine-fine print ((for that region)) are great buys but it's not worth standing in line for 3 days and missing Thanksgiving with your family. Online shopping has become where the better deals are including BF. Personally, because I deal with the public at large, it's horrible nowadays seeing people act the way the do to each other (especially the immediately following day that we celebrate being thankful for everything we DO have)..It's not worth getting stabbed or shot over to save $20 bucks or even $100 for that matter. :( It used to be a kind of fun thing to do but in about the last decade, it's taken a seriously negative tone and can be dangerous/deadly at times. Not to mention everyone gets grouchy with traffic and long lines. I apologize everyone. Didn't mean to rant. On the plus side, for those not in the states, at least you can be entertained by us silly Americans behaving like idiots...wait a minute..That's just normal for us, isn't it? ;)

marcia said...

@Varekai It is the first time i hear about this day, and i'm not sure but i also think it's the first year we have it in Rio, bc it's all over the place. I won't shop just bc i not even shop for Christmas, don't have the patience, what i had to buy i did it in September and October( yeah i'm crazy this way).
@Simone Enjoy your yoga!And Skyfall.

Simone said...

@Varekai, you did a great summation about black friday for our non-American Fassinators. It is quite embarrassing that this day, of all days, pretty much sum up the American spirit. :/

When I was in England during Thanksgiving back in 2008, I witnessed the black friday silliness from the British POV, and needless to say, I was embarrassed by the display of idiocy. And the thing is, 90% of the people don't shop for Xmas gifts on black friday, they buy stupid shit for themselves, like 75 inch plasma TVs. TVs!

Anyway, I had a good day of yoga and Skyfall was great on a second viewing. I'm home now drinking a caramel coffee, it's so cold outside. :-)

Chele Belle said...

Have never shopped on Black Friday. Money or no money I avoid the hype. Instead I went to see Life of Pi and Lincoln. Two very well done and inspiring movies. Saw Skyfall twice already...1st time on IMAX and the 2nd time with a friend. Tomorrow is Breaking Dawn #2...I have see all the other Twilight films on the big screen so I shall see it to it's final conclusion. Looking forward to Anna Karenina next weekend.