Friday, December 14, 2012

TGIFassy 1214 (updated)

This week in Michael Fassbender news, it has been announced that Joel Edgerton will join Michael and Natalie Portman in Jane's Got a Gun. Fassy will be Natalie's ex-lover who will come save the day when some bad men target her criminal husband to be killed. Joel is a pretty cool actor and I like that he has been cast in this film. He can also be seen in Zero Dark Thirty which I will be checking out soon.

And that's all that happened this week in Fassyworld. But that's good for me because I'm too busy with finals week at college and I hate missing out on hot fresh news about Michael. Thanks to the few Fassinators who kindly acquiesced to my request to post at my FACT Community website for my presentation that I did on Tuesday night. It was a success, I'm done with that class!

Regarding the FF Year End Xmas contest, we have until next Wednesday. The questions are very easy, but you have to pay close attention to what the question asks. ;-)

Updated to add from twitter this morning - no good deed goes undone! -

Michael Fassbender has his, do you? Buy Tiny Dancer for Lily-Mae and  Pls RT

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émilie said...

Love his funny hair! And I hope he will help this little girl by promoting the song.
Simone, I'm happy your presentation was a success!