Friday, December 28, 2012

TGIFassy 1228

I'm off to Toronto for a nice long weekend with friends. I'm so glad that I booked this trip because it's a fun treat after such a stressful past 3 months. On Monday of next week, I will do the annual recap of Fassinating Fassbender 2012. You will be amazed at all that went down this year for Michael, being a Fassinator, and activities related to the blog!

So, have a great weekend, and TGIFassy and adios to 2012!~


émilie said...

Have a great time in Toronto, Simone!!

Martha said...

Happy Fassy New Year! I look forward to your 2012 review. Oh and this picture is great! Something nice to look at on this dreary Friday.

Vera said...

Happy New Year everyone!let it bring us all new impressions, new meetings and a handful of precious moments!!!
Happy holidays, Simone and everyone!

Dionne said...

Happy New Year everyone. Enjoy your time off Simone!