Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Best Media Coverage for Michael of 2012!

Michael Fassbender was heavily featured this year in many magazines because of the new found fame from his controversial starring role in Steve McQueen's 'Shame'. From late last year til the never to be Oscar nomination, Michael's appearance in Shame gave his name a higher profile in Hollywood this year. There were a lot of wonderful articles, interviews, and photo shoots that we enjoyed. But Fassinating Fassbender highlights three different media coverages that profiled Michael the best. They are identified as: Magazine Cover of the Year, Photo shoot of the Year, and Interview of the Year.

1. Magazine Cover of the Year

To my horror, I discovered that THR is not sold in many places in Michigan, it's more of a subscription based industry magazine. But when I knew that I had to have this January cover of Fassy, I was going to ask a friend to mail me one from Californication. But alas, some stupid man who lives in my apartment, threw his issue out in the recycle bin that is next to our mailbox. When I went to collect my mail, I let out a large gasp and then looked up into the heavens and thanked the Fassy Gods for allowing me to live in an apartment complex with a stupid man who didn't appreciate seeing a half naked Fassy on his cover. LOL!

2. Photo Session of the Year

Why this one? He looked so carefree, relaxed, smart, and handsome in this photo layout. His eyes draw you in and invite you to daydream about him.

3. Interview of the Year

Although most of us did not like the photo session so much, we LOVED the interview for the rich new information it provided to fans about Michael and his career, his beliefs, ambitions, and his life.

So there you have it, the best media coverage of Michael in 2012! Do you agree?


Kruschelkasten said...

What about the pictures in the French magazine Observateur?


Simone said...

I enjoyed the Observateur, but I enjoyed the Esquire one more.

Maria Willis said...

I like that he keeps it simple, especially since so many celebrities feel compelled to go big. It speaks volumes about what genuinely matters to him.

Vera said...

Ahhh yeah, Esquire photoshoot!!!!)))) I don't have much to say, only emotions!!!!)))))))))

Leah said...

I agree with You, your wonderful Simone, the gods were looking down on you that day, how wild!!! Those photos are great, his eyes look super blue in them as well!
I've been wanting to tell you how much I love your work for Michael, your interview with him, and that you sent him that Michigan hat and he wore it in that photo!!! :) You live so close to me, I frequently come to Ann Arbor area! I think we need to set up some type of fan club meeting where we can talk with eachother about him as much as we want and we will understand eachother, lol, unlike my friends and family who think I'm crazy! Lol! :)