Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tired (updated LCC noms)

Michael knows how I feel.
Although I am now finished with my studies, it's going to take a few days to detox from the stress and tension of these past four weeks. I feel it in my shoulders and neck, and I'm not sleeping well (Mr. muscle relaxing pills will help that starting tonight) I do not believe I have ever worked so hard and multi-tasked on so many projects at one time in my life. I feel slightly insane at the moment, so pardon my being a little quiet to reflect and try to calm down.


The London Critics' Circle Film award nominations were announced just moments ago, and for the fifth year in a row, Michael's work in a film has not gone unnoticed by a voting body, and before the year ended, the London Critics' Circle demonstrated once again that they have a sharp eye for talent. Michael is nominated as Supporting Actor for Prometheus - this category is much more exciting than Best Actor because I've seen them all except Tommy Lee Jones (I will very soon though).

Alan Arkin – Argo (Warners)
Javier Bardem – Skyfall (Sony)
Michael Fassbender – Prometheus (Fox)
Philip Seymour Hoffman – The Master (Entertainment)
Tommy Lee Jones – Lincoln (Fox)

See the full list of nominees at the LCC website.

The winner of the FF Xmas contest will be announced tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Michael was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for Prometheus by the London Film Critics Circle. He may have been overlooked by all the American critics groups, but trust the Brits to recognize their new favorite.

Simone said...

That's awesome news! Thanks for letting me know, I'll post it up.

émilie said...

Sorry Javier, you were excellent in Skyfall, and you certainly deserve an award. But this one will go to David 8! Simone, we know how much you loved Skyfall, so you surely hope the award could be given to both Javier and Michael, don't you?

Simone said...

Oh Emilie, Javier... he was perfection, and I would not be upset if he won... but with that said, Michael as David was phenomenal and understated. Fingers crossed that he wins. :-)

marcia said...

I loved Javier Barden in Skyfall but if i have to choose i prefer Michael bc being a machine so perfect( like David) seems much more difficult.

Dionne said...

Great news!
@Simone you HAVE to see Lincoln, Tommy Lee Jones was A+ as was everyone in that film. I'm glad Fass is nominated as well and may the fassy gods be in his favor

Martha said...

I saw Skyfall I don't think it was that great. I think Casino Royale was much better. When I found out why the Barden character was doing what he was doing I felt like screaming. "Go see a shrink"

I agree with Marcia, I think being a great robot is why Michael should win. My brother-in-law who didn't know Michael was supposed to play a robot asked my sister, "What is up with that guy? What is his deal? Why is he acting so strange?" I thought that was funny. I was like because he is an awesome robot!

I sit down all day at work and no matter how hard I remind myself I find myself slouching every 3 minutes. Definitely very hard to play a robot I think.

I will see Lincoln soon. I find myself laughing every time I see the promo when TLJ comes out. I don't think he looks right for the part. We shall see though…

Of course I'm rooting for Michael!