Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Could Michael play Lance Armstrong?

Since Lance Armstrong confessed that he doped up to win those seven Tour de France titles, a new movie has been green lit to focus on his rise and fall. So far 13 actors have been mentioned in this article whom could possibly play Lance. Michael is on this list. I also think Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be awesome. We'll see.

Hollywood has already pounced on Lance Armstrong’s doping confession and greenlit a new movie about the epic rise and fall of the once-heralded cyclist. The movie will be based on a forthcoming book titled ‘Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong’. Here are some top actors who could portray him on the big screen.

#13 MICHAEL FASSBENDER: The Irish heartthrob has proven himself to be one of Hollywood’s most wanted (he currently has 8 films in production). Michael is a physical match for the role and is no stranger to playing conflicted souls. Anyone who has seen him in sex addiction drama Shame will be convinced.

Would you like to see Michael in this potential film? I'm sure he can pull it off... I just suffer from 'second hand embarrassment' about the entire saga and have refused to watch the Oprah interview with Lance. He lied, ok, it was wrong, let's move on. That's my feelings.

Source: Channel 24


Vera said...

I think Michael might be interested in the role. And it would be very intriguing to see him in the sport drama.

I personally am somewhat sympathetic to Mr Armstrong. I think that all the athletes who compete in sports that require such a breathtaking amount of physical stamina use doping. Otherwise it's fucking impossible. I couldn't even imagine myself cycling uphill for several hours in heat. But still it's a very complicated issue.

Simone said...

I have similar feelings Vera. I have believed all the long that 95%of professional cyclists dope up in some manner, just in order to compete. The entire situation is a hot mess. I empathize with Lance a little, but his arrogance also screwed up his lie.

If Michael were to do this movie, I would be very interested in seeing how this story is told and unfolds.

Hupsakeek said...

Difficult..I'm A Tour fan, contribute in polls and watch it live when it's possible. I know the sport was dirty, but now with the blood passport it's becoming cleaner and cleaner (let me be that romantic soul who likes the strugle of man/bike/mountain)

Like always...the story has potential, but it's all about the script (and the actors). If they want to tell the story, it has to be the truth, the nasty, dirty truth. I admire Lance for what he did for the cancer foundation, but I loathe him for his ego in this matter. Allthough he did a great job with livestrong ....the small mouse on my shoulder whispers in my ear that he also used the livestrong as a smoke curtain. And that make me feel sick. But this kind of characters are very interesting on the big screen....so we would have to wait and see. I agree on Simone that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be also a great Lance.

émilie said...

I'm French but I hate Le Tour de France. I don't like watching sports in general and cycling above all...So Michael in the role of Lance Armstrong...I'm not very interested...But if he chooses to do it, I'm sure he'll surprise me and make me change my mind!

Jhessye said...

Michael could pull off the Lance Armstrong.. At the same time this man does have 8 productions in place. Hell if he is focused on it, Michael might just do it. Either way, I do feel for Lance a bit, yet he is just a scapegoat. Don't focus on the news cause all they bring is negativity. 94% of cyclist use EPO and other performance enhancing drugs. Jeez.. the media news sucks. That's why I stick with RT and just independent news. That be it.

Simone said...

If it's meant for Michael to take on this project, if offered, he'll make the best business decision for himself. So, it's a wait and see game.

I also feel the need to call out the media as well as society as a whole for their part in raising a human being to such heights, and being at the ready to rip the same person to shreads. Especially the media... Oprah didn't interview him out of the kindness of her heart, she did it for ratings and PR! The media is as digusting as his lies. And like I stated before, here or elsewhere, cyclist will continue to lie and cheat to have a tactical advantage over another athlete.

Mainstream media does suck and that's why I couldn't bother to watch the actual interview, with it's perfect lighting and edits.

/end rant

Unknown said...

I think he can probably find a better role than this.

In other news, he's apparently going to some sort of event for the Literary and Historical Society of University College Dublin within the next few weeks. I don't really have more details than that. But it's nice to see him continue to give back to the community.

Dionne said...

Meh. I have a thing about doing biopics when the person is still alive. Lance is still young and hasn't lived his life yet. lol 5 years from now he could redeem himself and do something magical. So yeah, it's a 'no' for me but who knows which direction they'll take and if Michael will play Lance.

Dionne said...

Meh. I have a thing about doing biopics when the person is still alive. Lance is still young and hasn't lived his life yet. lol 5 years from now he could redeem himself and do something magical. So yeah, it's a 'no' for me but who knows which direction they'll take and if Michael will play Lance.

Martha said...

Michael as Lance, hmm. Well he does have very NICE, strong legs. So yes just on his legs he should do it. Kidding. I guess he could do a good job with it.

As far as cheating, my sport to watch is Baseball so I feel very strongly about people getting credit only when they do it with good old fashioned brawn. So to me if the media pick on people like this they have only themselves to blame as they brought it upon themselves. I don't feel sorry for them at all. These people are adults, if they don't have pride in doing things the right way then quit your crying.

I dislike Lance because he is a cheater and he abandoned Cheryl when she was going through a rough time. Did his cancer scare happen before hers or what? I don't have the energy to look this up.

Maria Willis said...

The vain part of me does not mind watching Michael shirtless running on the beach much less in the uniform, lol. I think he'd be brilliant in the role but he's just a good actor who can make any character endearing, even if you question yourself by the end of the movie (thinking of Fish Tank as I type this).

I do agree Simone about the media: they build people up solely to tear them down, but, the public eats it up too which saddens me.

Sometimes I yearn for the days where the only thing you knew about a celebrity was there professional work because too much interest goes into their personal lives that it detracts from their professional ones.