Monday, January 7, 2013

Michael is Albuquerque Bound and a whole bunch of other stuff

According to a report out of New Mexico last week, there is going to be some filming in a downtown section of Albuquerque with Michael's newest filming project, Frank. And the latest news on the Internet has Maggie Gyllenhaal co-starring in the comedy. In fact, the Internet has been abuzz about her joining... I like Maggie, but jeez, they treated her joining the project with tremendous awareness. Any publicity for a Michael Fassbender project is good publicity in my book. So with that said, I reckon Michael is already stateside and preparing for work in New Mexico.

It has been very quiet on the Fassy front in the past few weeks, and that's primarily because he was spending quite time with family and friends for the holidays. And now that the new year is upon us, we should be seeing some fresh news on Michael any minute now. We do however have the London Critics' Circle awards in London on 20 January. I do not know if Michael will attend, he has won a Best Actor and a Best Supporting Actor award from LCC in recent years, so he is respected by them. But this year's Best Supporting Actor category is very competitive and any winner would be a deserving winner. Being biased, I want Michael to win, but I'm thinking Javier Bardem or Tommy Lee Jones will get it. Why? Skyfall is the best James Bond film and the most profitable of the series and its the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise. The LLC would like to reward that film with an acting award. And I personally believe that Lincoln will win the Best Picture Oscar, so giving Jones the Supporting Actor award will add fuel to that thought. But in the end, I'm just pleased that a voting body did recognize the subtle brilliance of Michael's performance as an android in Prometheus.

Over at Pinterest, it's been fun seeing how this community has sponsored an environment where intelligent and creative people feel comfortable introducing special projects that are related and inspired by their fassination with Michael Fassbender. To follow up on her academic presentation last year, Barbara would like to invite you to review her blog to answer some new questions which will explore what is a Fassinator. Because the replies can be private in nature, please email Barbara your comments.  However, here are her questions for you to consider:
1.Please provide information about yourself (age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality/ethnic identity, professional background)

2.How long have you been a Fassinator and how did you become a fan?

3.What attracted you to Michael Fassbender and/or his fandom?

4.What kind of a masculine ideal does Michael represent to you (if he does)? How is it different from other performances of masculinity in culture?

This is going to be absolutely fascinating so I wish Barbara good luck and I hope she gets a lot of diverse and interesting responses!
Secondly, Alicia at Pinterest has unveiled her awesome talent of graphic art/cartoon writing and design. She is very much looking forward to Michael being in Assassin's Creed and she has taken the liberty to put her talents to use by envisioning AC as she understands it. And also, Michael Fassbender has been the inspiration of 'Noir Couple' too. If I had only 1/8th her talent, I would rock hard and have money! Please have a look at her blog to review her other work.  

Over the weekend, I had some issues with about my personal image of Michael that I used on select merchandise. Some of the products have been approved by Zazzle and available for sale since September. However, they have some new rules now and they do not allow a store owner to use even a private photo of a celebrity on merchandise through their company. They sent me an email on Saturday night, thankfully after Jhessye received her exclusive Fassinating Fassbender Michael Fassbender at TIFF 2011 cover notebook, that I can no longer sell that notebook and that they were removing it from my store. I tried to argue my point, but they said it was a company policy. Whatever. So I took the initiative and went ahead and removed the remaining few items that featured my personal pictures of Michael. I don't know, I guess in the grander scheme of things, felt funky about making money off the image of a celebrity without that celebrity's direct endorsement. For instance, if the notebook that I created with my personal picture that I took from the front row at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto was defaulted to the selling price of $12.99, for each sale, I only got $1.30 profit... Zazzle got the rest. They made the money, not me... so, it's their decision. Jhessye sent me a picture of her wearing her t-shirt, holding her coffee mug, and holding the Fassy notebook and she loves all her merchandise. I'm sorry if any of you missed out on buying it, the notebook is beautiful, smaller than the standard notebook and thereby making it more of a journal and a really unique awesome one of a kind thing. Only a few of us have one now. Anyway, there are still loads of cool Fassinating Fassbender stuff merchandise on sale for you to buy. 

Lastly, it has been brought to my attention that some people don't like my response back to them in regards to their inquiries about Michael's private life. I do appreciate that people take the time to write to me because they either respect what I do for FF and believe I have a lot of answers, or they trust what I have to say. I work very hard and have a busy life and I do what I can to maintain this blog and be as informative as I can. But I'm JUST a fan like YOU. I don't have all the answers. I have strong opinions, beliefs and speculations that are based on being rational, and knowing a few things that my time on the Internet has allowed me to develop an incredible understanding of the procedure of certain things and celebrity observation. In lay mans terms, I have a deep perspective about celebrity life and gossip that the common fan is not aware of, and because of this, I try to be careful in how I write things and what I write. So with that all said, if you are going to write to me, and being hysterical, demanding, or judgemental about Michael Fassbender in any way, I'm going to be as polite as possible, but brutally firm and frank with you. If you don't like what I have to say, do not take what I write out of context. Share with people your original email inquiry to me, and share with them the full reply I sent back. It's only fair. Don't make me out to be the bad guy because I do not play your mental games of making Michael be something or someone you desperately want him to be. I ain't got time for that, and neither does he! He is a very busy, very in demand, successful, famous professional actor, and his celebrity brand is growing daily. I'm just a fan, and I'm here to support his CAREER 110%. Go ask other people gossip related questions if you don't want a reasonable, respectful, but bold reply back from me. You know who you are and I'm grateful to have people who let me know what is being said about me in the fandom. I'm a real fan of Michael Fassbender, and I'm here for the indefinite future to communicate with fellow real fans about relevant fun topics about him and his career.


Hupsakeek said...

It's always a great pleasure for me to read the blogs where you give an explanation...No matter what subject (trolls, Tumblr, Zazzle, fandom) your way of writing is to the point with hints of humor or with a tiny bit of sarcasm. Love it!

gothess78 said...

Let me just say, thank you Simone for (yet again) advertising my project on the blog. I'm so excited about it! (I wish I was as excited about my PhD hehe...) I hope some good, interesting stuff comes out of it! I will of course keep you in the loop. :)

Martha said...

Wow such a talented illustrator, genuinely jealous of people that have this type of talent. If I could illustrate like that, I would make my own Fassy binder and pillowcase.

Too bad about Zazzle then. I guess I do have to give them credit though for not wanting to profit off of people without their say. Maybe Michael's people complained. I saw a comment about it a while back. I will e-mail about it if I wan send a link and if I remember.

It's great Michael was nominated. Be on the look out NM citizens. Excited about possible sightings.

Simone said...

Martha this is a policy, it has nothing to do with Michael's management. Please be careful about that. Haters of FF poked fun of the store from the very beginning. This policy affects all store owners. It's ok, all the other stuff is still available for purchase.

Dionne said...

Big year for Michael indeed, I hope we get some set pics!

I love how creative and talented the Fassbender fandom is. I'm not talented but I do enjoy everyone's contributions.

Simone PREACH!