Friday, January 11, 2013

TGiFassy 111 (updated x2)

It's good to know that Michael is stateside again to film his latest movie, Frank, so we should be seeing more of him in the coming days/weeks. Meanwhile, I'm glad that I don't have to deal with the stress of supporting him and being disappointed during the height of the awards season. Yesterday, when the Oscars were nominated, the one category I was paying close attention to, Best Supporting Actor, listed five performances from veteran actors whom all have won Oscars before. If Michael were even to be the slightest bit considered for Prometheus, he would have shown up in that category. What impressed me was the many references I have read from various articles and bloggers, that the Supporting Actor category is terribly ordinary and does not have one ounce of fresh blood or newcomers, and some have mentioned that Michael's performance of David the android merited some consideration and he could have been a contender, namely, The Film Experience.To read my thoughts about the nominations yesterday, check out Theatre of Zen.

But as we know, oftentimes, the academy is completely clueless, thus ends the 2012 award season for Michael and it's just as well. So with that, TGiFassy everyone and have a great weekend!

#1 Edited to Add: It has been reported at Irish Independent that Michael will keep the Frank head on the entire film.


Michael Fassbender appears with fibreglass head throughout new film

He will wear a fibreglass head throughout his new film 'Frank'. Not since John Hurt played the 'Elephant Man' has a leading man been so disguised for a film role. However, producer Ed Guiney said the false head has not inhibited the Killarney man, working with his fellow cast.

"Michael is Michael after all, even with a fibreglass head on. He keeps the head on for all the scenes in the film. Everyone's just got used to it," Ed Guiney told the Irish Independent from location in New Mexico, where filming started last Friday. A fictional tale inspired by left-field music figures, including Manchester comedian Frank Sidebottom, who wore a papier-mache head, the film stars Fassbender as the leader of an avant-garde band.

Directed by 'What Richard Did' director Lenny Abrahamson, shooting on the €5m feature moves to Ireland next month in a plot where the group record an album at a remote studio. Locations include Wicklow and Dublin. - Ken Sweeney

Read more:

Well, I for one feel kind of cheated in not being able to see Michael's face. But I understand the decision. In real life, we never saw the guy w/o the head, so...

Sorry Dionne, the puppet head is going to be on throughout the film, so, you might want to spare yourself of your puppet phobia.


#2 Edited to add: Nicole Beharie announced on her twitter two hours ago that she and Michael are no longer dating.

While I can definitely understand people wanting to discuss this, please be mature and respectful and then move on with continued discussions about his filming Frank. Thank you!


Dionne said...

TGIFassy y'all!

Vera said...

I remembered "Kill all the stupid mean humans" David poster)))) maybe it should have said "Damn all the academics"????)))))))))

TGI Fassy everybody!!!

émilie said...

LOL Vera! Michael isn't playing their game so they ignore him. So damn all the academics!! Among the nominees for the best actor in a supporting role, I'd choose C. Waltz.

marcia said...

I never thought i would say that but right now i place my bets in the Malick movie bc that pic with Ryan Gosling elevated my hopes regarding Michael's role not being cut out from the film, on the other hand this news about the fiberglass head made me very sad :/

Simone said...

I'm so hungry for The Counselor, I don't know what to do. I'm still parked in meh-ville regarding 'Malik movie', and I'm warming up to the new development of Frank. Regardless if we like the costume head on him throughout the film, you can't help but appreciate the different and challenging level of acting that Michael has placed himself in. If done well, this could be brilliant.

I just hope he doesn't have to wear the head during press interviews!

Dionne said...

Nooooo! He's wearing the head the whole time? Why cover his beauty like that? I shall prepare myself now to look at the creepy head for the duration of the film... Fassy's worth it ;)

Martha said...

Vera, can this poster be purchased?

So yesterday I searched for who this Frank person was and did not find too much info. Does anyone know why he wore the head? If he played in a band how did that thing stay on? I a quite curious about this head now. HA, ha, ha. Oh Simone, wouldn't it be be hilarious though if we wore the head during promos. I know this would be crushing for those that admire his face but it would be something else.

So now during the promos people will be asking about the big head instead of the Shame thing… LOL.

Jhessye said...

It's okay Dionne ;) It's good we know what he looks like. And who knows there may be a gag reel of him taking the mask off. I have a good feeling about Frank and The Counselor coming out later this year.
Either way Michael sure has a alternative taste for the films he chooses and I like it. The Malick film looks... awkward but hey let's just see how it turns out. Any who, Malick did do the Thin Red Line which is a great film. We shall see....

Vera said...

@Martha: ahh,it is not exactly a poster, just a picture, where David is about to press some button, and the button is supposed to "kill all the stupid mean humans". And then then it's like "David, do not touch anything!". I saw it on Pinterest in the FF board, could not find it right away to give you the link. But I guess it could be developed into a poster and printed out.)))))))

Yeah, the head is a big suprise. But his voice is not going anywhere, and this is enough for me!!! hope I will be able to watch the film undubbed, otherwise I'll have to wait till the DVD release.

By the way I hope this Frank guy did not do anything to his voice??? imagine Fassy talking like Darth Vader ))))))))))))