Friday, January 18, 2013

TGiFassy! 118

This has been an interesting week and I'm glad things picked up a little bit. So as we know, Michael is filming Frank in New Mexico and I'm not sure if he'll bother to fly to London to attend the London Critics' Award ceremony there on Sunday. He's nominated for Best Supporting Actor, the only voting body that has acknowledged his role of an android in Prometheus.

I also created a new page on Fassinating Fassbender to host a 24/7 chat room. For the time being, it's free to have a chat room that accommodates up to ten people. I would have to pay a fee to upgrade the service to allow more visitors. When the demand calls for that, I will consider that in the future, but in the meanwhile, I think the more intimate it is, the more fun and engaging it will be as we all get used to this new way of chatting amongst ourselves. If you're ever in the mood to chat with a FF Fassinator, either make a comment in a current blog post inviting people, or post it on your twitter, facebook, tumblr, or pinterest. Just give the link to the chat room and wait and see who comes by. I'll poke my head in there during the weekend, and it would really come in handy if Michael shows up in London.

And this week also demonstrated that the FF blog is a place for real fans to gather and share information about Michael and his career and stay focused on those relevant aspects of who he is, rather than deviating off topic and getting emotionally bent out of shape regarding the personal life of an actor, which is really none of our business. So thank you to everyone for staying classy here. xoxo



Vera said...

TGI Fassy everyone!!! personally I am still laughing at the Ghetto reporter))) Thanks Michael for enriching our lives in all the possible aspects))))

Dionne said...

@Vera I agree, I listened to the reporter a million times yesterday. LOL

TGIFassy everyone!

émilie said...

Fingers crossed for the awards on Sunday! I hope his fantastic job as David will be recognized! (and if he attends the ceremony, it will be even better!)

Leah said...

I wonder since we just saw that post about Franks wrap party, if Michael will fly back for this? ;)