Friday, January 25, 2013

TGiFassy 125 (updated)

Aha! Gotcha! Michael Fassbender without his Frank head! Due to the pressure lines on his forehead, I wonder how often he has to remove it to take a breather. I'm sure it's light, but still, it has to be a bit claustrophobic wearing it.

TGifassy everyone!

The Daily Mail posted an article about Michael filming in Ireland today. Go read it here.


Vera said...

I bet it is also rather hard to breathe in it. How many of these have they made for the movie, I wonder? or will they just make another one if the, emmm, current working one gets damaged?

TGI Fassy everyone!!! and have a nice weekend!!!

émilie said...

thanks Simone, I love these pics!

Martha said...

When looking at the second picture I actually let out a sigh. I crack myself up!

The article was a nice read. TGIF indeed I get to sleep in tomorrow! YAY! I've been having some crazy dreams lately. Sadly none of them have Michael in them. :(

Dionne said...


Kruschelkasten said...

I’m still not too happy about Michael playing with that head. But I feel myself becoming intrigued because with that head there will be one feature completely missing. Without the possibility of facial expression he will have to rely completely on gestures and body language. It will be interesting to see how he manages that. And let’s hope that the story is strong enough to enhance that.

LG Christine