Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We may get Assassin's Creed soon! (updated)

According to this article from The Daily Blam!, Assassin's Creed procured English playwright of a highly praised National Theatre play, Michael Lesslie, to write the screenplay. Well they are off to a good start because if they get someone like him to write the film, it's going to have a solid plot.

Ubisoft Motion Pictures, the film and television division of video game development company Ubisoft, have partnered with New Regency to develop an Assassin’s Creed film based on the worldwide hit game franchise.
In a recent press release announcing the partnership between the two production companies it was revealed that the development of Assassin's Creed had begun immediately with the project being fast tracked for a possible 2012 release. Ubisoft will maintain control of key elements of the movie’s creative direction.
Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class, Shame) is set to produce and star in the film, which centers on a bartender who is captured by a secret corporation and sent back in time to relive the memories of his ancestors -- all of them assassins -- and retrieve ancient artifacts.
It's now been revealed that Michael Lesslie, an English playwright who garnered wide praise for composing The National Theater's 'Prince of Denmark, has been hired to write the film's screenplay. Lesslie also wrote several short films including 2011's Skirt directed by Amanda Boyle. No choice has been made on a director as of yet, but the studio still hopes to have Assassin's Creed hit theaters later this year.

So if AC is expected to be IN theater's later this year, that means that it will go into production very soon. But without a director yet, I don't see how that's possible. And besides, AC is an action film and these type of films demand the attention of summer audiences. If that's the case, I think realistically, Assassin's Creed will come out in the summer of 2014.

In regards to the filming of Frank currently in New Mexico, they have already done some filming in the UK, so I expect this filming to wrap up by the first week of February, if not sooner. It's amazing how quick they can make films - I believe Shame was filming in like 25 days!

Source: Daily Blam!

Edited to add: A fan got to meet Michael Fassbender on her birthday while he's filming Frank in Albuquerque. Look at those crisp blue eyes!

My life has been made! Three days before my 21st birthday, I got to meet the amazing Michael Fassbender. He was filming his new movie, Frank, here in Albuquerque, and I had been trying to meet him for a couple of days, but he was usually too far away. Today though, they were filming late and in the snow, and my dad and I stayed out to hopefully meet him. I was indescribably happy to be able to do so…I think I’m still in shock actually….but I’m so so so very happy….he was so sweet and was completely willing to take pictures and sign a picture of himself that I had….He was wonderful and I truly can’t wait to see the new movie! He’s such an amazing actor :D


Beckymonster said...

I think that now a writer has been picked, we'll start to see more movement on this project. After all, with a script in place, there is at least *something* to entice directors to take interest in the project.

As for Summer = Action movies, I would respectfully disagree with that notion. For example, Skyfall was an Autumn release in '12 and Thor: The Dark World is slated for a November release this year. Although, I love a good action film, so any time is good for me;)

I think a 2014 release would be more logical as it would give time for the SFX to be done 'right'. Last thing a project like this needs is poor effects work. Not to mention that what with X-Men: Days of Future Past scheduled to film this spring (James MacAvoy is on the London stage until April, so my guess is that Michael will be in Montreal for filming at about the same time?) it becomes a matter of logistics as other projects are released during the year.

In the end, this is just me spitballing;) Although XMDFP's director, Bryan Singer is on twitter, interesting chap and is likely to be a useful source of info as filming approaches/starts.

Simone said...

^ Thanks for your valuable 'spitballing' input BeckyM. Makes sense to me too. :-)

Martha said...

Well I for one hope they do not rush trough on this movie otherwise it might not turn out for the best. I guess anything is possible given the right team but why would anyone want to risk putting out something mediocre if it means that much to them. Hopefully in the end what is best for the production will trump anything.

As much as I want to see Michael sooner rather than later I also want to see a quality production. With so many things being completed this year and coming out that involve Michael, we will not be left wanting I suspect. Or I could be wrong. When it comes to Michael, some people can't get enough.

Lucky fan girl, maybe she had a New Year's resolution. How cool that her dad was out with her to help her meet Michael. I was out once in the streets of downtown Chicago for filming of the Dark Knight. No stars were present during this time but it was still cool. I arrived 1/2 hour later after the helicopter filming had ended. I saw the chase scene with the Joker in the truck when it flips over (without it actually flipping over, that was done elsewhere). I was very exciting just to see it taking place.

Maybe I need to go to Canada during the X-Men filming but that costs money. Will have to consider something.

Kelly Shelton said...

I don't really forsee Assasin's Creed coming out this year I'm thinking 2014. When this movie comes out I'm thinking it's going to be a full tilt boogie media blitz. I'm talking comic-cons, Spike TV awards, television, magazines, the marketing promo campaign with Burger King, the MTV Making of the Movie special, the whole gamut. If the studio is smart, they would need time to put the whole thing together.

Also, I have to say it's good that a fan met Michael. He looks mighty sad in that picture, like someone missing his love.

émilie said...


This article suggests Michael could attend the IFTAs on February, 9th. Hope he will!

Simone said...

The sad thing about that article is that someone got paid to write that. The final, last sentence is the only thing worth reading. He's not nominated for an IFTA, so unless he's presenting, he won't attend.

émilie said...

Lenny Abrahamson and Domhnall Gleeson are among the nominees, so maybe Michael will attend...We'll see!

Martha said...

I thing I didn't know is that it gets cold enough in Albuquerque to need a coat. I thought Fassy would be nice and warm. He's so cold he's even wearing a hat. Had no idea. I am quite surprised.

Dionne said...

Wow AC in 2013? I think that's most likely wishful thinking but I guess it's possible.
You thought the same thing as me Simone, his eyes are beautiful in the fan pic. I love that he's so open to taking pics with fans. ;)

Maria Willis said...

I saw the fan post on tumblr and was so happy for her!

I can't wait for AC to come out, though as stated by others, I'll take quality before expediency. The only thing I'm worried about is back lash due to some people offended by the white washing of the character; I get the points being made as a WOC but I think Michael will do a fine job.

Also, I'm really happy y'all exist because with all the recent irrelevant conversation about his personal life, it's nice to have a site where the only concern is his work. You guys are such a class act!

Simone said...

Thanks Maria, I'm glad some people find FF a safe haven from all the silliness in other parts of this diverse fandom.

Maria Willis said...

It really is Simone and I'm thankful for that! I think Michael is a great actor but that's far as my interest extends.

Speaking of, I finally watched Pitch Black Heist, and I enjoyed his role.

I hope he continues to do mini side projects!

Simone said...

I don't know when the hell I'll be able to watch PBH, it's so unfair!

He should never make short films again because they are so difficult to be able to be seen by fans. :-)