Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exclusive! Sneak Peak commentary about '12 Years' Screening! (updated)

Shhhhhh! LOL! This evening, a fellow commenter, 'Dude', at an Oscars discussion website, had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a sneak peak audience test screening of Steve McQueen's 'Twelve Years a Slave'. Here are his brief comments about the film:

Dude: It was great, but it won't be for everyone. Fassbender was standout, and owned every scene be was in. Pitt only had two scenes, but role was key to the plot... and Ejiofor had a lot of big and emotional scenes. Fantastic. Probably head into the direction The Master did with awards or it could get totally snubbed all together. Very raw, emotional, violent/brutal and tough to watch at times. In a way it was kinda like McQueen's There Will Be Blood, I'm just unsure if the Oscars will go for a movie like this. Different than I was expecting... but definitely not a bad thing. A lot of the star roles are quite short.

Dude: Really would like to know what Spike Lee will think of the film. More N-words than Django, and Paul Dano even makes his own N-word song!  

Dude: Also, film needs some editing done... and being a work print, the images weren't as clear and crisp as I would have hoped. But no complaining.

Question from Guany: Does Fassy get naked again?
Dude: He fucks, but no peen! 

Dude is feeling shy about his comments on the film at the moment and is thinking about deleting his comments from the thread, hence my quick cut/paste job. But this is not a review, it's just some short comments about the film to quickly share with us greedy Fassy/McQueen fans at AD.

So from what he wrote, this is going to be a low down God awful realistic, polarizing slave epic dramatization, and Michael is going to be a nasty motherfucker and there are more N-words than Django even. Damns! {Rubs hands greedily in anticipation of 'Twelve Years a Slave'}

Edited to add: Here is a new comment about Michael's performance in the film. When asked the question about whom in the film could receive Oscar nomination, here is the reply, be warned:

Fassbender has the best chances imo. He's vicious and nasty.... and he has an obsession over this one particular female slave (obviously not elaborating on it) which that part of the story might turn off some voters (hard to watch type stuff). He's just one evil son of a bitch. 


émilie said...

THANKS for that! I've never waited for a movie as I'm waiting for Twelve Years A Slave! I liked Django Unchained but definitely, TYAS will be a masterpiece, I can feel it! In the book,there are very numerous characters so I'm not surprised when I read the comment about the star roles being short. And Michael is amazing as Edwinn, it's not a surprise! lol I can't wait to see it!

Martha said...

Of all the Fassy movies coming out this year I am really looking forward to this one because of not only Michael but McQueen, the incredible cast. The book was so good but I had a hard time reading it because I am so sentimental. I'm sure I will cry. Michael will be nothing less than amazing I am sure, but yeah who knows it it will be an Oscar contender. Whatever the case Michael will always be Oscar Caliber in my book. I finally saw The Descendants a few months ago. It was a good movie but not Oscar caliber at least in my book and Clooney was just Clooney. Eh...

Vera said...

Oh oh oh, how exciting!!! Don't know how much more I will be able to wait really )))))))

I liked Django very much as well. And Lincoln too. By the way, what is it with the filmimg society that quite a bunch of good quality films on the slavery topic are being shot and released? Anyway, I think we definitely have another McQueen/Fassbender masterpiece coming.

Dionne said...

Can't wait until it comes out!!! The suspense is killing me. Great to hear that Michael did a great job per usual and that he was a standout. I suspect it will be controversial and different and uniquely McQueen which I love.

(I loved Django as well btw)

Fingersmith said...

I am dying with anticipation for this film! Even more now after this sneak peak :-)

Martha said...

I am wary of any Oscar nomination talk. We know what happened or rather didn't happen in 2012. We have known for a long time that performances that deserve recognition are at times unrecognized.