Tuesday, February 26, 2013

FF Fundraiser Milestone: $1000.02

Yeah! Party Time!
Yes!!!! I posted a fundraiser update on tumblr just before I left for lunch, and I came back, and voila, we received donation #23 which raised our funds collected to an incredible $1000.02 (£660.67)! I specifically made the tumblr post to plead for help in closing out February with $1000 and asked for $61.65... and the request was met. Look at the twitter feed to see who made donation #23 or go to www.justgiving.com/fassfass to see.

And peeps, we ain't done yet, but we're off to an inspiring start! Thank you! xoxo


Dionne said...

Hooray! Awesome!!! Very inspiring! First donation milestone is down... let's keep giving! *cheers*

Vera said...

Yahooo!!! Personally I think we rock, ladies and gentlemen!!!! (well, it's mostly ladies, but still!!!! ))))))) )

émilie said...

Yes, we rock!! Impressive!

Maria Willis said...

That's great news Simone!

/expect a "purchase" to your Paypal account soon
//I'll reblog the post and see if that helps any

Martha said...

This is indeed wonderful news and worth celebrating!