Thursday, February 21, 2013

Michael is doing very well for himself!

Have you ever wondered how financially secured Michael Fassbender is with his career? With all the great roles he has had in the past four years, and with the next 18 months head spinning crazy, you've probably wondered if he was as financially strong as his career would lead you to believe. Well in an article posted by, it appears that Michael makes a strong showing on the OK! magazine Rich List:

While screen hunk Michael Fassbender, Hollywood bad boy Colin Farrell and action hero Liam Neeson would expect to be appear on a showbiz rich list, Agnes Brown is right up there with them.

They're all flashing the cash after making it into a top 50 showbiz Rich List compiled by OK! magazine

Kerryman and Prometheus star Michael Fassbender came in at No. 22 in OK! magazine's annual countdown, earning a cool €12.5m.

Source: Hearthrob Richlist

Michael's bank account is only going to grow higher, and that is a far cry from the 20 year old who left the middle-class comforts of Killarney for acting dreams in London and sharing a grungy flat with a leaky roof. And since he's as smart as I know he is, I'm sure he'll be re-investing some of his monies into his own production projects.


Martha said...

I had just read the article and then I came here. I did a quick conversion in my head and wow! Good for him. I know he was not poor growing up but he wasn't given luxuries though so I'm sure for him it's like wow. I think at this age he is wise enough to not go and ruin himself with some stupid thing. No wonder he is producing now.

I do remember reading that he learned early on not to spend everything after his first bad experience meaning he thought he was going to get more roles and therefore money and then he didn't get anything for a long time and he struggled. At least this is how I read it.

I don't think there is much chance of him starving at this point. He is on the list now and I'm sure he will be working for as long as he wants. I saw a picture of him and Leonardo DiCaprio talking the other day. I was like, oh interesting, as Leo is developing some things.

It's great to hear, he certainly has worked hard and even if he spoils himself some he has plenty extra. Doesn't say he made the list the previous year does it?

Simone said...

Since this is the very first time I have read anything regarding Michael's earnings, I reckon this is also possibly the first year he has been recognized on such a list.

I'm glad he's doing well, as I expected and he's only going to keep moving up.

émilie said...

We should suggest he gave some money to The Bike Experience in honor of his own birthday! lol

Dionne said...

He's doing well and Simone you are right, he can finance his own projects now! Cheers

Unknown said...

Hmmm. I take this article with a grain of salt.

Fingersmith said...

The funny thing is, he still lives in a grungy apartment with a leaking roof... or did he get that fixed as he was talking about in one of the interviews? LOL

Vera said...

Wow, good for Michael! a well earned compensation. And when Simone mentioned investments Michael could make with his earnings, my first thought was about investing in securities (preferably blue chips) and placing some deposits in well known and reliable British banks. ))))))))))) my work never ever leaves me alone )))) by the way I would really love to see a list of investments made by well earning Hollywood stars. Not all of them have production companies, after all.

Hupsakeek said...

Well deserved money and I really do think that he invest in his production company, because that is one of his passions.