Monday, February 4, 2013

Michael will be on the Graham Norton show!

I know you know this by now, but let's make this official here at FF. Michael will be appearing on the Graham Norton show on 8 February, this Friday. I haven't seen the GNS in ages, I mean literally in ten years, the early '00s. I found him to be entertaining, but a bit too hyper and silly. Maybe he's calmed down a bit... has he? Well, it should be a good show with Michael there. According to the GNS tweet, this is what they have posted on 1 Feb:

Graham Norton Show ‏@TheGNShow

On next weeks #TheGNShow the guests are @mark_wahlberg, @sarahksilverman & Michael Fassbender

Michael could play Ralph Fiennes baby brother.
 If some of you are lucky to watch it live, I encourage you to be in the chat room during the show, post live commentary just as you're watching it. It'll be fun for you and for us who will watch it delayed. I don't have cable (by choice) so I can't watch it on BBC America with you lot. I certainly hope to view it as soon as possible afterwards.

I'm really pleased with the response to the Fassinating Fassbender Fundraiser to benefit The Bike Experience. I updated the fundraising page to announce that at the end of the campaign, all who donate will have their name entered into a drawing to win a Team Fassbender t-shirt and a 'Drink and be Fassy' mug (I'm sure Jhessye can testify to the great quality of the merchandise). If you donate twice, your name will be entered twice!


Dionne said...

The chat room is a great idea for those of us who can't see the show live.

Vera said...

Eh, my comment is a bit unrelated to the post topic, but I want to tell you that my life perception get more and more fassinated each day. Yesterday a colleague of mine casually wondered, what does TGIF mean. Of course I said it means Thank God It's Fassy! and then I started thinking...and had to apologise for misleading her a bit)))) the main thing is that it went just like a reflex)))) ha-ha-ha)))

Simone said...

FF has trained you well Vera. I'm proud. LOL!

Martha said...

I set my DVR last night. Here in the U.S. It is not on on the same date though. I think it is a week later. Thank goodness I get BBC America now.

The air date in the States is February 16th at 9:15 p.m. Central Time. I am very excited to be able to watch this. I would rather wait and see it a week later than get spoilers. Sometimes I don't mind spoilers.

Simone, I tried donating yesterday (I wanted to do it at work, as I trust their security a lot) but saw that American Express is not accepted. I have to get out my visa or MC. Will try later this week. I am excited about this project. This cause is really worthwhile. I've gotta tell you I shed a tear when watching the video. It must be so thrilling for these people to be able to do this again.

Great job on finding a charity. It's perfect!

Simone said...

Martha, I'm going to update the Just Giving website of cover your concerns about payment. If you encounter problems submitting a payment, you could always mail me a check or money order, and I will deposit it and then post your name up for donating X amount.

I appreciate the update and look forward to your help.


Martha said...

I don't mind using another card, it's just since the financial situation that plagued the nation people advised to only use one card and pay it off monthly if possible. I have tried to do that but occasionally I have had to use one of the others.

My eye doctor does not accept AmerXpress either, luckily I had my Visa on me that day. I just had to bring it with me to work, so no worries. :)

Hupsakeek said...

I will be able to watch it. It is on 23:35 Dutch time so in the US it will be 17:35. And off course you'll find me in the chatroom

émilie said...

On the first pics of the show, he looks very, very good!

Maria Willis said...

There's an adorable fan encounter on tumblr with pictures that put a huge smile on my face. Apparently, she's met him a few times and he made it a point to go back out just to sign her birthday card after already going inside to do the show.

Things like this make me smile because you could see how utterly overjoyed she is and he obviously cares about his fans. I'm sure Simone will probably post it.

Y'all should check it out!