Friday, February 8, 2013

TGiFassy 208

Michael taped the Graham Norton show last night, so you lucky ones will be able to watch it tonight. And again, when it's on, please post a message in the comment section of this blog post to let people know you're in the chat room to discuss the appearance, while it's being broadcast. If I can make it, I'll pop into the chat room also.

I also wanted to take a moment to clarify a few things regarding  the fundraiser so that everyone knows:

  1. All monies donated to The Bike Experience go to them directly, and immediately via Just
  2. The fundraiser is in honor of Michael's birthday, he has NO obligation or role in this fundraiser. This is a Fassinating Fassbender initiated project, and supported by fans who care to donate. Period.
  3. If you are having difficulties making a donation because your method of payment is not accepted, please contact me and I'll assist you.
  4. Yes, you can donate more than once. :-)
  5. The fundraiser ends on 5 April.
  6. I greatly welcome and appreciate any of you forwarding the link - - to anyone in your social network connections (multiple reminders throughout the campaign is encouraged). The more people who are aware, the more donations The Bike Experience will receive.
If you have any additional questions, please email me!

Thank you and TGiFassy!


émilie said...

For the lucky ones who can watch the show: enjoy!

Anonymous said...

For the people who aren't UK residents (like me :D) you can watch the show here:

It's a free livestream, just click UK then BBC One, close all the annoying adds and voilà :)

Dionne said...

TGIFassy everyone.

Hupsakeek said...

The show was horrific. Nothing about his films, just the P-word again and again. Mark Wahlberg and Sarah Silverman were very annoying.
He looks hot and not at ease. The fun thing was being in the chatroom.

Acolytes said...

He's a saint. Why can he bear those things again and again? I feel so angry.

Simone said...

Oh no, are you serious? Dammit Graham, I thought he would have matured by now. The fuck?

Well, Michael is a good sport, perhaps he'll be more selective next time when it comes to talk shows and whatever other guests are on it.

Dammit GN!

émilie said...

OMG, I saw on Tumblr Wahlberg making a penis joke. @Hupsakeek: are you talking about that one or were there OTHER P-word jokes during the show?

émilie said...

I've just watched a part of the interview and I agree, it was awful!These shows have a hysterical atmosphere, we're not familiar with such shows in France. Nothing good in this one, except Michael's smile and kindness, like always

Fingersmith said...

Michael was a true gent and bearing it all with his usual grace and charm... His body language revealed the embarassment though, you could literally see him think "wtf am I doing here"... Nothing about Frank, which was a disappointment!