Monday, February 18, 2013

The Gossip Game

A lovely, lovely man.
The thing that irks me the most about being a Michael Fassbender fan, is that the most public places that feature a gossipy forum thread or article about him (ie. Daily Mail), receives comments from the most ignorant and clueless "fans" and passers-by on the planet, (with some claiming they are fans of Michael). Two threads on two totally separate message boards that are not part of a true Fassinator fan network, are currently enjoying slamming Michael's character based on exaggerated reports/articles. The speculations made are jaw-droppingly stupid and far fetched, and some are just plain rude.

What are your thoughts on these questions: Why does the media insist on painting Michael Fassbender as a player? Why do some people appear to enjoy contributing bullshit to the rumor mill as fact?

To people who know nothing about him as an actor or general human being, they use scandalous comments and articles to smear and judge him. I just don't understand this. There are many performers that I don't give a rat's ass about, but I surely would never bother to post a response to a negative article about said person to help corroborate the negative gossip. But people seem to want to do that for Michael Fassbender. People chose and pick which articles to focus on and they deliberately ignore others which show him in a completely polar opposite light. Apparently some types of articles have scandalous ingredients and keywords implanted within them which get the sewing circle's hackles up. So I also ask, what real fan would bother to participate in such silliness, and are other real fans disturbed by what they see as well?

In the end, Michael Fassbender's career is doing incredibly well regardless of the ridiculous gossip, and the overwhelming majority who sincerely are interested in him, know that he's a decent man and great actor. I guess life's lesson is that a testimony to one's success is having haters.


Dionne said...

That's the name of the game unfortunately. Some people are extremely gullible and there's nothing we as fans can do about it except continue to support Fassy!

Simone said...

I realize many people are gullible, delightfully so, but the ones that really concern me are the people who instigate crap and help spread false and misleading information. It's like, what is their agenda, are they sociopaths? Are they getting paid to repeat bs? The worst types however are just the plain old fashioned haters. Every fandom has those types, but the hates in this fandom are really, touched.

Leah said...

Simone, it does annoy me...when I read these things..even as a brand new fan, I knew in my heart they cannot be true about him. Everything he says and does...his honest he is, kind, patient, giving, respectful...etc. etc....I could go on & on!!! I have a feeling about people, and my gut is usually right! I know he's a good apple! ;)
I realize, as I'm new to EVER following a celebrity, he is the ONE AND ONLY!!! ( And I'm 38 years old btw!) .....that the crap articles and news bits have it SO wrong so many I realize, I have tot are it all with a grain of salt. See how all the sources add up, (whose telling the truth) does he later corroborate the story?!?

I think Michael has his head really screwed on straight with this and hope it stays that way, when he says he doesn't read stuff about himself and that it can become a distraction...he's so wise! ;)

Unfortunately since I discovered him, this blog, Tumblr, google alert, fan pages, Pinterest, Youtube fassy videos....I do not take to his advise....I am totally distracted......but what better pastime could there be than beautiful Michael......I hope he will always be so inside and out....and I will then be forever his fan!!!

All these other people are idiots and don't know what they're talking about. I think if they're men it must be jealousy...they feel threatened by his "New Masculinity" @Barbara B. ;)

Dionne said...

Very true this fandom seems to have a new brand of 'idiocy' running rampant. I just remember that for every 1 hater there's always at least 10 more fans correcting the lies and calling out the b.s. :)

Faith said...

I hear ya and I can guess which one of those idiot forums you're referencing. The Fassaloonies go so far off the grid that I'd hope people with a lick of common sense would run far away from those spaces. In the meantime, it is what it is unless the so-called Moderators of those forums actually do their jobs. Hopefully Michael remains clueless to the antics of these malcontents.

Vera said...

Ahhhh, I think the reasons can be split into two large groups, firstly, those general causes of stupid behavior, which are bad upbringing, rude environment, wrong friends and so on. I think these reasons provoke the impulse to say something bad about the ideal you cannot possible achieve in the nearest future out of pure envy. In addition, here in the Internet we are almost free of recognition and punishment, not only physical, but emotional. If you say a lot of crap about someone in a forum, the worst punishment you would ever get is some other person calling you an idiot, to which, in turn, you can tell this one to shut the fuck up. That's all. So, we have a combination of envy, desire to humiliate, bad upbringing, bad education, general bad manners and relative Internet freedom.

Secondly, we should answer the question "Why Michael?", which I think we all know the answer to, and which Simone stated earlier. His career is going extremely well. He's successful, gourgeous, good-looking, a real gentleman, we can continue forever. Isn't it the most reliable combination to provoke envy and trigger the mecanism "I cannot achieve this much, so I will insult"? I think it totally is.

Not to mention the fact that Michael got widely famous only in recent years. All the dirty crap that could have been said about other more or less well known movies stars was being said for quite a long time now. And those idiots just got a new toy. Which is disgusting anyway.

And by the way, Simone, the pic is just awesome!!!!

Fingersmith said...

I agree with what you've written so far ladies, I'll just add my tiny stone to this garden, especially that it is the 'New Masculinity' stone (btw, Fingersmith = Barbara B, guys! lol). But before that, I think Michael commented on this stuff only once, by saying "wouldn't that be more interesting if I had this darker side?" I think the big part of creating and spreading riduculous rumours is the Internet, and it's never ending churning of information, and its desire for more and more new 'information' each day. People want blood, something to post on their facebook walls with an air of shock and tut tut. Our boring lives can be spiced up by celebrity gossip. A hard working actor going to a party to have a few drinks and a chat and then back home early before another day of work is too much like us, mere mortals. What's exciting about that?
Now, to that masculinity stuff. I think there's a trap of media scutiny both for men and women. For women, it's about looks mostly, weight, body shape, age, etc. For guys, I think, it's the stereotype that men are 'players', abusers of their power, in other words, hegemonic. It's constructed as both something positive (a cool customer) and negative (he's a sleep around, cheater, etc). People just think in stereotypes, and the stereotype is that if a guy is handsome and sucessful, he must be a player. It very easily becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as some guys do believe it makes them more manly to behave that way. I honestly don't think it is Michael's case, although my opinion is based only on interviews. I wish I could meet Michael to prove my hunch about him *wink wink*... But seriously, I think he is aware of what people see him as and he does not identify with it, which is one of the reasons I admire him. :-) I'm just sorry for poor Fassy Daddy who must be reading all this and scratching his head LOL

Simone said...
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Simone said...

You all make valid points, and I agree with them completely. My utmost concern is the visibility of these types of articles and forums. Scandal, gossip, and lies attract people like flies to crap, and the good supportive website and comments are a second thought.

When I read comments from people such as, 'Oh really, well, I guess I don't like him afterall, he's like the rest, if not worst'. I paraphased that sentiment, but it is the gist of the tone expressed by people who refuse to take the time to really search for neutral articles and go to fan sites that feature Michael, as we know him to be, in favorable light.

It's more than laziness and being gullible, it's what is being written about him that makes these very people eat it up and pass irrational judgement upon him that concerns me. This is not new to him, most celebrities experience the same gossip crap, but I guess because what is being said about Michael is completely exaggerated and unfounded, and my being such a staunch supporter of him, I find it disturbing and quite unfortunate.

I don't get paid to write for Fassinating Fassbender, this is a fun hobby for me that I take seriously. But the people who create gossip about him, and write silly articles about him, ARE getting paid to write shit to bring in traffic... and it works! It's unfair, but that's the way the internet operates - whatever brings traffic, and it sucks.

Imagine this: if every person who has sat in their chair in front of their computer who criticized Michael, judged him, or projected their sexual desires upon him - if they each donated even $5 to our fundraiser, we would have raised over £10,000 already.

Think about that for a minute.

Varekai said...

It's the nature of the beast (social media)unfortunately. People will be mature, or they're won't. I'll browse around to some blogs and things and rarely ever post, because fans are just I think sometimes being a supporter of something or someone goes awry sometimes where there's a bit of this disillusionment of fantasies and entitlement that really just don't exist. That's where the envy/jealousy/immaturity and all of that comes in. As was said above, there's no accountability these days and anyone can say or create whatever it is they wish. Someone snaps a pic, throws it on an editor, adds some text and posts it around.. voila! It apparently happened...True or not, it is what it is and there's really no stopping it, nor is there really anything anyone can do about it either, unless it reaches a slander level and that's where lawyers and MF's representatives earn their paychecks and do their damage control etc. It's the downside of fame really. Mo' money...Mo' probs. People who do that want reactions and a piece of the action. They want bickering, posts, glorification of their naughty little works..they want you to bite on it and join the commotion. It's why they do it. I can't truly sit here and say "that's all lies! BS, he's not that type of guy!" etc etc.. Although I DO believe he's a stand up kinda guy..I know him not. So technically, no one really has any place to say anything and it's not really any of our business whatsoever. Sometimes it's very easy to see passed the muck and know what is, and clearly what isn't. No, It isn't fair, but sometimes just gotta let it be. There's far more other important things than those wishing to pick fights and boost their ego from the fabricated scoops they conjure up because they have far too much free time on their hands. Or simply because their online persona makes them feel inferior or untouchable. Michael is fine, has his head on right, and has the damn right to do as he pleases, despite what the masses (we) 'think' he should/n't do/say/date etc. Bravo Fass! He just keeps doing what he does best and we'll sit here rooting him along the way :)

Takhesis said...

Unfortunately, bad things and crap gossip sell. I don't go read any of these gossip sites anymore. So much misinformation and lies. Oh God, when they will stop to portray Michael as a hornydog which hook up with every woman in a party? I don't know him personally, but, I have a good feeling about him, and my sense doesn't usually lie. And I am not saying he is perfect, but he is far away of the image that the "media" depicts him.

Hupsakeek said...

I don't read that stuff (anymore). When I started being a fassinator I want to read and know everything. I soon found out that most forums aren't informative so I decides that they haven't got any value for me. Everything I want to know/read is on this blog (and that's no sucking up). Last week I confessed that I take some google-alerts to serious and Simone explained how such articles are written to direct traffic to the sites. Never thought of that.
I find joy in spending my time on possitive things on the www, and I have to say it's sometimes very hard to keep up with everything I like. I mean...working,going out, cleaning, watch movies, checking/reading blogs, pinterest, tumblr, twitter, your mail and other social stuff. I hardly find the time to respond to positive blogs =D.
And about the "plain old fashion haters" which every fandom seems to have...
In soccer they call them hooligans we can call "our haters" FOOLigans. Because if the only joy in their life is spending their time on someone they don't like then, to me, you are a fool. Life is too short to waste time.

Martha said...

Michael himself has said he sees it as a good thing to have achieved "fame" now that he is older because sometimes when one is younger it is the easier to fall into the stardom traps. But he himself has said he is not immune to such things. I do however feel he is more guarded because he doesn't want to be known for these stories rather for his work.

I don't think a real fan would spread random gossip. I feel some of these posters are more like bullies. Because bullies do things to bring people down in order to feel better about themselves. I did go to other sites last month when he broke up with Nicole just to "see" what was being said. I wanted to reply and rant but I did not because I didn't want to be a part of the chaos. Crazy is the only thing I will say about that.

I understand your frustration Simone. Mostly I stay away for my own sanity. In the end I think Michael will prove those people wrong just by being himself. Yes, poor Mr. Fassbender. I bet his brain hurts sometimes.

I saw the Graham Norton show on BBC America. It was worse than the UK version meaning there was less Michael and Miss Mvula didn't even sing. Atrocious! Well Fassinators let's continue being positive and promoting our cutie! Oh and the donation drive!

Maria Willis said...

I'm so very happy for this website right now while reading through this thread.

There is nothing new for me to add other then ditto.

I think a fan simply admires the work of an entertainer. Yes, I can be cheeky on tumblr with my tags but outside of complimenting his good looks, I've always conveyed my respect for his talent.

The rumors, gossip, and bullying are irrelevant to me. I've also come to the conclusion that people who live to spread hate (on any celebrity) are typically unworthy of conversation.

Anonymity makes the most cowardly of souls feel brave.