Monday, February 25, 2013

Whew, glad it's over!

The 2012 film season is finally over... I have mixed and indifferent feelings about last night's Oscars, which I share my short sarcastic select thoughts on at ToZ. And as a person who has been a supporter of the Oscars for roughly 20 years,  it's hard to get it out of one's system, but I'm glad I stuck to my guns and did not watch it. I read the play-by-play via twitter, and from what I heard about the show, I'm so glad I didn't bother with it. Who knows if Michael's work on 'Twelve Years a Slave' or 'The Counselor' will take him to the Oscars next year... I can't put myself through that to think on that at the present. One day at a time. But what I do know is that when it comes to youth and being gorgeous, Oscar practices "acceptable discrimination" in giving the acting gold to young fertile females under 35, but not youthful, virile, and handsome men under 40, and sadly, that's a big ass strike against Michael Fassbender... just ask three time nominee, 38 year-old Joaquin Phoenix. I was really rooting for him, but I knew it was impossible because of AMPAS history of discriminating against nominees like him.

Can you imagine Michael wearing this

while riding this?

And speaking of motorcycling, we are just $88 $60 away from the $1000 donation mark for TBE! Can we get a few more donations this week to close February out in a brilliantly impressive way? I know we can do it! Just $60 more to hit a remarkable goal!


Vera said...

Ooooooohhhh Simone, I can totally picture that!!! maybe he'll need different shoes though?)))))))

émilie said...

J. Phoenix surely deserved the award...Disappointing, but predictable

Dionne said...

The host, Seth McFarlane was atrocious. I hope we reach 1,000 this week as well ;)

Martha said...

Does anyone know who the youngest male to receive an Oscar is and what his age is. I never thought of that. I guess for me I know it would be nice to see Michael get one of those statues but regardless I know he will continue to deliver awesome performances.

I am trying to motivate people to donate but they all think I'm weird. :( they think my obsession is getting out of control. I don't think this is the case.

Michael on that bike wearing that suit with me hanging on to him is a better visual. :) No, I don't think my obsession is out of control.

Hey Simone I saw that pin in your Pinterest account about the perspective of the black viewers to TYAS. To that I say that it seems like Steve is being honest like he is in his work. That is the way it truly was. Denying the truth is a disservice to history and the people that lived it.

Simone said...

@Martha, Adrian Brody was 29 (turning 30 in two months) when he won for the Pianist in 2003. Not only was he exceptional in that role, but the Best Actor category that year, the other four contenders won Oscars before.

So it was a rare and wonderful event, but it only happened once. It would be a painstaking process to go back 20+ years and get the age of the Actor who won Best Actor, but I would say easily that the avg age is in the 40's whereas Best Actress is late 20s on avg.

The Oscars voting base comprise of 77% men... so it's easy to deduct why they fancy the pretty young things of the female persuasion. And fellow men have a longer shelf life in Hollywood and therefore, they make them suffer and wait until they "prove" themselves and not be as pretty as in their younger years.

And I greatly appreciate your support for the fundraiser Martha, but if people think you're weird, they are not the types of support a fundraiser anyway. I would suggest using multiple channels, diversity. If you don't have that option, then cut back on your mentioning of the fundraiser until two weeks before it ends to serve as a reminder to new followers. :-)

Some people just aren't interested in donating money, we are trying to appeal to those who care to support our project. :-)

I think many people will support watching 'TYAS', and appreciate it's brutality in expressing the true horror of those times. Many people just prefer popcorn films, and others value more avant garde films.

Hupsakeek said...

The I said on the pinboard....the way it's going the last couple of years is a bit tragically. For the film, nominees and winners it's a great exposure but professionally it's becoming more and more a mockery. The avarge age of the AMPAS members is 62, 14% of the members is younger then 50. 94% of the members are white and 77 % are male. Actors such as Meat Loaf and Steve Guttenberg are a member (membership is for life),but people like George Lucas, Woody Allen and Viggo Mortensen are not a member. It's about time that they do something about it, because they lose credibility. It was fun to read that the e-voting (this year premiere) turns out to a big dissaster ....modern times is too hard for the oldies (

Now something positive...we are a bunch of good giving fans! I have the same 'problem' as Martha, so no donations from co-workers and friends. They don't understand it. What is there to understand?? Charity - give money - people happy.

This black is such a happy color ;) but what it really makes it a perfect suit is the man who is wearing it!

Martha said...

@Hupsakeek glad to know I'm not alone... LOL