Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jane Got a New Lead Actor

The Hollywood Reporter announced late yesterday that Michael has pulled out of 'Jane Got a Gun', starring Natalie Portman. The reason had to do with scheduling conflicts because Jane has been pushed back several times, and his work on X-Men is to start shooting in Montreal this spring. Joel Edgerton has moved into Michael's former role. I was looking forward to this project, but this gives Michael some much needed breathing space between filming to solidify many of his upcoming projects, including potential film franchise 'Assassin's Creed' and 'Prometheus 2'.


émilie said...

I didn't like We need to talk about Kevin, so I wasn't very excited about Jane Got A Gun. Of course it's disappointing but he'll be able to focus on his other projects and that's fine.

Dionne said...

I totally forgot about A.C. he's a busy man.

Vera said...

I think it's more of a plus than a minus. After all, even the extra hardworking and dedicated Michael has to relax.

Hupsakeek said...

Every time I visit the blog and look at the "what is next for Michael" I thought how does he find the time? So it wasn't a big surprise that schedules eventually clash. Perhaps he'll find the time now to put some (more) energy in his production company, because I think that's the activity which "suffered" from his busy schedule.

Martha said...

Although I know I should be happy Michael is getting some rest, it means less of him for us to see. :(

So I guess I am selfish. I am also not happy he is hanging out with Benicio del Toro, Josh Brolin and Bradley Cooper. There are better people out there. Bradley may be passable, but I am not sure. In the end no one can pick your friends. I rather like him hanging out with his old friends. He seems cuter when he hangs out with the old crowd.

I am however amazed that there are no pictures of this foursome hanging out. That is a feat indeed.

Well I was going to go see Jane Got a Gun. Now I have no interest in this movie whatsoever. I should just see it as saving my money. Movies are expensive nowadays.

Jealous of your countdown clock Simone. Wish I could stowaway in your luggage.