Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Michael is tired but still smiling in London (updated)

The Daily Mail wrote a gossipy article on Michael. Read with a bucket of salt. He can't talk to anyone with a vagina without speculation that he's flirting with them. For all we know, she's his agent, or the gf of a friend, or his manicurist. Sheesh!

In other Michael related news, some unknown major ass bullshit has gone down on the production set of 'Jane Got a Gun', the film that Michael smartly removed himself from last week. It appears that the director, Lynne Ramsay, pulled a 'no call/no show - fuck ya'll' yesterday by not showing up on the first day of filming. Hello, a film needs a director in order to start filming! This is a big deal because at Deadline, when I first read about this late yesterday afternoon, there were less than 90 comments. As I write this blog entry, there are now 234 comments... and many of them are name dropping Michael by saying how smart he was to pull out before this unprecedented drama came down. Some are daring to speculate that him leaving the film could be a reason why Lynne dropped it. But that's just crazy speculation. As we know Michael, he's very professional on set and when it comes to filming - so I can only imagine what his reaction would have been had he still been attached to this film and Lynne pulled this disappearing act. Short of having emergency brain surgery that no one, not even her own agent is aware of, it is terribly, terribly unprofessional and gossip producing drama to up and leave the directorial responsibilities without notice, of an otherwise high-profile, $25 million budget film - a film that SHE wanted made, and worked hard to get financial backing from $10 million up to $25 million.

Here is a comment posted at Deadline on page 4:

Actually, Fassbender through foreign distribution brought 8.5 to the project(thus achieving the 25 million) and when production on his project “Frank” went over schedule he had to recuse himself. And there went the extra money.

Comment by Ballowax — Tuesday March 19, 2013 @ 6:45pm PDT Reply to this post

I hope she's ok, but if she's having a diva meltdown, this is so not cool leaving A-list actors and 150 crew members twiddling their thumbs wondering what's up... this act may have damaged her career. But, there's always two sides to the story and I'm very interested in hearing what she has to say.

Update 1: Deadline has just announced that Gavin O'Connor is the new director for 'Jane'. Filming will start on Thursday.

Update 2: Deadline announced another bomb, Jude Law, who replaced Fassy's role, has jumped ship today. They need to make a movie about the making of this movie, that's where the real drama is. Still no word from Lynne Ramsay.


Dionne said...

Wow. Fass definitely dodged a bullet with this one. DRAMA

Hupsakeek said...

We all know he has a lot of qualities, but who would have thought he is clairvoyant :)

Hupsakeek said...

BTW the mysterious blonde looks a lot like the woman who pops up in his surroundings at red carpet events (agent?). But what the heck....=D

Vera said...

Well, that's wierd. I mean the Jane Got a Gun situation. I have always thought that movie business should be overly organised and structured since it generally has quite a lot of money involved compared to ordinary services. It is as if a general director did not show up on the day of a major merger transaction closure. Wierd.

Kruschelkasten said...

This kind of things happen all the time. I believe the film ist built around Nathalie Portman. So it her they want to keep and all the others are changable. But quitting without any prior announcement is bad style.


émilie said...

I'm sure we'll never know what really happened, but poor Lynne, it will be difficult for her to bounce back...