Thursday, March 7, 2013

Regarding Frank

The PNRS tumblr created this gorgeous minimal art poster for Frank. It's so brilliant that it should be the official movie poster! And a few days ago at the FF Pinterest board, I pinned up an image of Hugo Weaving from 'V' and a cool conversation developed where we all pretty much feel that Michael's performance in Frank, with is face covered up, will make an equal if not more significant impact than Hugo did in 'V for Vendetta'. Check out the comments here and share your thoughts.

With Michael's birthday less than four weeks away, I asked my friend Hupsakeek to create a birthday image to use at the Just Giving website. She cooked up something cute and fun and that will be the main image on the front page for the duration of the fundraiser! The birthday image will serve as a reminder as to the reason why the fundraiser was developed in the first place: to honor Michael Fassbender for his 36th birthday on April 2. And today, we are 26 days away from Michael's birthday, can we get our 26th donation today?

Lastly, I put up my vacation countdown clock because I'm so excited about my upcoming trip to London and Paris this spring!  So far I'll be meeting up with Hupsakeek in London, and then Emilie in Paris, this is going to be an incredible trip and I just cannot wait!


émilie said...

26th donation, great!

Dionne said...

I hope Michael does something iconic with 'Frank' like Hugo did with 'V'. I'm confident he will and I can't wait to see the film.

The birthday image is great, super cute Hupsakeek!

Martha said...

Our pile keeps growing! I loved Hugo as V. I do agree with the head or without Michael will give an awesome performance. I think for purely selfish reasons some of the fans made the comment about covering his face. I think we can all agree that Michael without the Frank head is more appealing.

I agree that if Michael's people read our comments they probably laugh at us. I do read the Pinterest board and laugh a lot. The comments can at times be quite entertaining. Maybe some day I will sign up.