Friday, March 22, 2013

TGiF 321

This week we have witnessed a significant  increase in Michael chit-chat fodder, and let's just say it has been interesting. It looks like he is taking a much needed temporary break between filming before he starts on XMen in Calgary next month.

The key behind fundraising is that you need to remind people. I have stepped back a bit to see if the people who have promised to donate, will do it this week, but we just received another generous repeat donation. Now is the time to help out. Next week, I will be heavily reminding people about the birthday fundraiser, so if you're tired of hearing about it now and don't plan or don't want to donate, you might as well take a vacation from Fassinating Fassbender because we're going to make the £1000+ goal! I'm proud and very impressed with the amount we have raised thus far from only 25 people, but I know there are more who are able and willing to help out.

Remember these points:
  • you can donate anonymously
  • your donation amount can be hidden
  • your donation will get an individual shout out @fassfass on Twitter
  • you will be entered into an end of fundraiser raffle for a t-shirt and FF mug from Zazzle, or a Keep Calm t-shirt of your choice
  • your name/alias will be submitted to Michael's management on April 2nd to inform them of the monies raised and who helped
  • your donation is akin to signing a birthday card to Michael from Fassinating Fassbender
So, have I convinced you to donate to The Bike Experience yet? Please go to -if you encounter difficulties in making your donation, please email me for assistance -

 Thank you, and TGiFassy!


émilie said...

TGiFassy! I'll make another donation soon as I promised but when you're married, you must be very careful not to spend too much money on Fassbender-related matters!

Simone said...

LOL! I can understand that Emilie. And thanks in advance for your repeat donation. I'll make my second donation the final one on the last day of the fundraiser. :-)

Martha said...

@ émilie LOL, your poor husband. My little niece now knows how to say Fassbender! Oh and yes thank goodness it is Friday! It has been a harrowing week at work. This is an awesome picture by the way... I have not seen it before, good way to start the weekend.

I was thinking if worse comes to worse if we all donate a second time this goal can be met. By dividing the remainder by all of those who have donated, 25 you say. It will be maybe 15 or 16 dollars per person. But we still have time. Let's see what happens.

Vera said...

Heeeeyyyy!!! TGI Fassy everyone!!! and have a nice weekend!!!

@Martha: oh, it must be so sweet to hear your niece))) and the word is not so easy, so she did a terrific job!! )))))))))

Simone said...

Two new donations today! Outstanding!

Dionne said...


New donations!!! <3

Hupsakeek said...

First of all I want to say that I like the fassbender shirts very much but I don't wear round neck t shirts. So I decided that I donate $20 (the costs of a shirt) to the birthday fundraiser, because if I had worn t shirts, I'd definitely buy one. And Simone I also help you on the pinterest board to incite the followers too donate ;)

Simone said...

@hupsakeek, what a lovely gesture, I really appreciate that.

I'll ask Kelly at the Impressions if he'll design shirts that are V-neck. Would you like that?

Hupsakeek said...

@Simone...ohh yes!