Friday, March 1, 2013

TGiFassy 3-01

I'm as thrilled as Michael is because we hit a milestone this week that demonstrated how generous and awesome Fassinators can be! At the present, we have raised £660.67 ($1002.49)! And as of today, we are just four weeks away from Michael's 36th birthday on April 2nd, so I have set our fundraiser goal to of £1000, and that puts us at 66% of our goal! I KNOW we can do it because so many Fassinators  have yet to donate and I know that they are waiting to donate at a time closer to Michael's birthday. In a job interview I had last week, when I spoke about my online projects with social media, I mentioned this fundraiser and the purpose for it, and they were greatly impressed. It made me reflect a bit more on why we're doing this, and it did make me feel quite proud.

So if you're inclined to support a charity in honor of your favorite actor's birthday, please donate. I greatly appreciate the support of the few of you who have been mentioning this to your friends and followers, and don't be disheartened if you're teased or ignored. Participating in a fundraiser, and giving your time and money is a beautiful thing, but not everyone shares your charitable ideologies. We are trying to appeal to those who do share our sentiments, and they do give generously.

TGiFassy everyone!


Jhessye said...

Yeah We Rock! I get paid soon so I will donate. Cheers!


Dionne said...

TGIFassy everyone!