Thursday, March 21, 2013

There's Something About this Fandom...

that has me concerned. The only other fandom I'm actively a part of is the Pearl Jam community. I have been a part of the 'Jamily' since the 90s, and outside of political differences, there is no acrimony or segregation going on there. We're one big jamily! But in the Michael Fassbender fan community, there is no sense of one community, there's a competitive nature present, and there is a faction of non-fans who for personal reasons, like to cause havoc. Yesterday at the FF Pinterest board, someone from the Lipstick Alley gossip board spammed the photoset of the latest London pictures of Michael and his female professional acquaintance/friend. I have a prime suspect in mind as it's writing style is the same and obvious. I had to delete all those images because the troll spammed each image with crap and some of it of a sexual nature and racial undertones (since that was our first troll attack, it took me a minute to learn how to ban a bitch, so that's what I did). That is the kind of troll that has been lurking the fandom for quite a while, and it's sad and disturbing.

The reason why I created Fassinating Fassbender was because I wasn't getting much from the fan community(ies) pre-FF, and I sensed attitudes and behaviors that just weren't my cup of tea. Nothing terrible, but, it just wasn't my thing. What we have in the FF community is something very special, unique, fun, and supportive. And I want to keep it that way. So please don't be hurt or offended if my actions affect you in my doing pest control. I now know how to deal with future troll issues at Pinterest so that it doesn't affect current pins there. If you regularly pin and/or visit the FF Pinterest board and you see something strange, please let me know immediately. If you pin something there, and some troll comes trolling by and make a strange or out of place comment, you do have the ability to delete their comment. You don't have to ask me for permission or anything. That is YOUR pin, and only you have the ability to delete suspicious comments made under that pinned image. Pinterest allows us all to write about things and comment on images that are not suitable for the blog, basically, we're more free to let loose and be silly and cute if we want.

Moving forward, all that I do for the Fassinating Fassbender community is for US, whether you want to participate in a charity fundraiser, or buy a coffee/tea mug from the Zazzle store, or buy a new Keep Calm shirt - this is for US and lurking supporters, not haters. Haters hate, they don't buy cool FF accessories, and they sure as hell ain't going to give $5 to Autistic children or support paralyzed bikers for Michael's birthday. There's a lot of negativity, immaturity, anti-social attitudes, favoritism, mind games, and gossipy bs that has no place in the FF community, and I will remain vigilant to keep that stuff away from here. With that all said, I believe that the haters will have a pathetic reason to renew their hate this summer, so just be prepared and continue to support each other in the FF Community.

Thank you,



Dionne said...

*face palm* It's the non-fans and/or temporary/conditional fans that cause the most problems.

Simone said...

I'd include the temporary/conditional fools in with the non-fans... how in the fuck can you ever be a temporary Michael Fassbender fan? LOL!

Liking someone based on conditions is not really liking them. They need the condition - they like the condition more than Michael. In fact, they don't even like Michael... he's the variable.

Dionne said...

@Simone you're right!

I don't know what the hell a temporary Fassy fan is. I didn't know such a thing was possible.

The people who only like him if...(you fill in the blank) are most definitely non fans as well.

Maria Willis said...

My biggest source of contention are the rumors and incessant critique of his personal life. I reposted those London pics on tumblr but not one comment about the woman because 1.not my business 2. I don't think his personal life is something we're entitled to 3. I didn't like the shaming of the lady.

A fan appreciates the work of the actor, in my case, his beauty. It's not my place to assume anything about him personally or feel slighted for whom he associates with.

I wish people didn't act like they owned him or have the right to judge him, not to mention, all the assumptions being made. He's allowed to have fun without assholes judging him so I get where you're coming from, completely.

Natasha said...

I've been a fan since Hunger. I think he is a talented actor and well, easy on the eyes. I can do without his crazy fans so I appreciate your hard work. When I started searching for more on him and Steve your site was the first to come up! Great job and keep up the fun fandom! Truth and goodness will prevail, all the time.


Martha said...

So much has been going on lately. First off thanks for getting the T-Shirt thing going Simone. I will be ordering mine soon!

Jane Got a Gun and a lot of drama. This is so terrible what is happening here. Yikes! I wish Michael hadn't had to quit Jane because that would mean more pics of him and him being in the States!

As far as the pictures of him and the blond lady, I don't know why all the speculation. I wish I had a Pinterest account so I could get more silly and help keep an eye out for trolls. The nerve of people! And these are supposed to be adults?

Lastly these "fans" are more like those bandwagon fans that follow teams only for a while. Then they speak ill. Mostly I would never call them "fans". Not like me and the regulars on this blog. Fans have heard many of his interviews and read lots of articles I their entirety. Some of these "commenters" lets call them, read and hear small bits and come up with crazy! These people should be ignored and deleted when possible.

Lastly I wish The Bike Experience had as much support as Veronica Mars. Come on Michael fans!!

Thanks for providing this place Simone for Michael's FANS!

Simone said...

@ Maria, I share your sentiments... I too wish people didn't act like MF is their personal puppet to do what they command. It's pathetic, possessive and psychotic.

@Natasha, thank you for your kind words, I love it when people do a simple MF search and happen upon FF and like it here. xoxo

@ Martha, let me know which Keep Calm t-shirt you order. I want to get the purple one that is on the sidebar. And you can easily join Pinterest. Just give me your email address by emailing me, and I'll send you an invite. It is soooo easy to become a part of it.

And all, there is only one kind of fan... and all you have to do is look in the mirror and relate that to all the positives that correlate to being a good and respectful fan. :-)

Kim d said...

I've been following you for a while. This is my 1st post. Simone, you are a classy lady and I'm so glad that you're on the net showing the crazies how to be a true fan.

Michael's energy is very powerful. So I understand how he can drive pp crazy. But some of us who claim to be fans have to refrain from projecting our fears and insecurities on this man.

Keep doing a great job.

Simone said...

Hello Kim! Thank you so much for your kind words and support! And yes, I do realize that Michael's near perfection mess with people's brains, but... I'm just glad folks like you can keep it together and enjoy what we do here at Fassinating Fassbender. xoxo

Martha said...

@ Simone, one if these days I just might join Pinterest. I just need to decide what kinds of things I want to post. I can't seem to find the time. Also I do love pictures and I'm afraid of the time it will suck up.

I will let you know what I decide to order.