Sunday, March 24, 2013

We're at 94%

Made by Hupsakeek
The donations have been rolling in the past 48 hours, so I thank everyone who has made a donation recently! I knew people would when it was most convenient for them to do so! At this point, I am confident that we'll not only make our £1000 goal, but we'll surpass it too!

I received my green Keep Calm and Fassbender On (grinning shark) t-shirt yesterday and it's brilliant! For those curious about the quality of the cotton t-shirt, it is Hanes, HEAVY cotton - the best! I'm going to wear it when I got to the museum later today and have my sister take my picture. If I look presentable in it, I'll post it up at Pinterest where I'm thinking about creating a separate board for people to pin images of themselves wearing their Keep Calm t-shirt.

Also, as per Hupsakeek's comment about not liking round neck t-shirts, I asked Kelly at Limelight Impressions if he could make our shirts with v-neck styles. He's jumping on that and they will be available shortly, I'll let you know!


Hupsakeek said...'re the best!!!

Martha said...

This is so awesome! So very exited, yeah not just exited, very exited. LOL

Dionne said...

Oh yeah baby we're gonna make our goal! :)

I can't wait until my Keep Calm When you See a Shark tee comes.

Kim d said...

Simone, you're a fan of Radiohead, Fassy and my absolute favorite The Police!! Girl I getting you that donation for The Bike Experience and I'm buying a T shirt because my brother and niece are autistic. Please work on getting that V neck ;)

Simone said...

Hey Kim, I reckon the v-neck shirts will be available in about a week. I'll announce it as soon as I get the word from Kelly. I don't have anyone in my family who is autistic, but I know of people with autistic kids and it's such a misunderstood disability. I'm glad to support it!

Simone said...

While ALL the donations have been greatly appreciated and needed, we've had a number of repeat donations. So in the announcement I'll send to Michael's agency, I will put an asterik next to the repeat donor's name. It's just to highlight the support that repeat donors have demonstrated in looking into their pockets or wallet, and donating a bit more a second or third time. I appreciate that so much, so, I'm making sure you guys know that I notice your extra assistance! xoxo