Thursday, April 11, 2013


This is smart and I just love it! I was browsing through tumblr this morning and I found this gif, and just prior to that, I saw a  question posted on my dashboard asking people to name their most favorite character that Michael has played thus far, and I thought that would be a great conversation piece here. Obviously not including his upcoming roles which you think you'll love, please share with us what character Michael Fassbender has played that is your favorite, and why?

No role just jumps out at me and that's an indication of how tough this question is, because I enjoy most of Michael's performances. But upon deeper reflection, I think the gif foretells my preference and it is David from Prometheus. Firstly, as a gigantic sci-fi freak fan, I love this movie. Secondly, I have a fascination with androids and robots in many sci-fi films. I often find that the non-human entity that is a part of the crew is the most interesting character. Don't you find that too? In Star Trek Next Generation, Data was my favorite character, hands down, next to Captain Picard. I still can't watch Steven Spielberg's A-I again because I hate the human race for what they are doing to the robots, and in I Robot, I wanted to have a party at the end because the robots gained their independence from the humans from the help of Will Smith. I could go on and on.

In Prometheus, while the humans are in cybersleep, David is just a busy bee in monitoring everyone to make sure they are ok (eavesdropping on his secret girlfriend's dreams), and learning so that he could be as essential in their voyage as possible and meet Wayland's objectives. However, when he's not working, he's slowly connecting with an innate humaness that does reside in him. He fantasizes, imagines possibilities for his existence, he has a childlike wonder, and he's perfectly beautiful and intelligent. His sinister side reveals itself to sarcastically defend and protect himself against rude humans, and although he's supposedly not programmed to feel hurt, he does. The moment when Wayland's introduction about him mentions that David will never have a soul, his face goes blank as if he were saying 'But I do'. David is different than the humans, and the Engineer knew that immediately, that's why he gently caressed David's face to feel him, get a sense about what he is before everything went to pot.

Michael really put his heart and soul into bringing David alive, and even if Michael wasn't in this movie, I know I would like whatever good actor was in this role because this character is intriguing and interesting.

So, what is your favorite role that Michael has portrayed?


Martha said...

Michael is so great in his roles but I think I really like him in X-Men. I really love the relationship with him and Xavier. The two do so well. I hope you guys don't laugh but I cried twice during their scenes. He made the villain very human.

I'd just die if I were that close to Fassy to have my picture taken with him. I hope I wouldn't get star struck and act all stupid.

Great job to all on a great fundraiser! Talan posted a comment on the Facebook page about the success of the first outing for the year. He usually posts pics so I will be on the lookout for those.

Lastly Simone I will get a shirt when the V necks come in. But I was torn as to the saying so now I have to get two. I like the new format. But even if I hated it, I'd still come. I can't stay away from Fassy news. I have finally narrowed down the icon I will chose for myself. The search has been more difficult then I thought.

émilie said...

For me, it's Brandon, even though all his characters have impressed me a lot. But Brandon is unforgettable, for me. As Hupsakeek says sometimes, he's part of my DNA. It's difficult to explain, but I love this character as if he was my twin brother.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, Fassbender did (and will do) great performances indeed. But i go for Brandon this time. I just love the lightness and pureness that Michael's brought for the character. It was one of the deepest performances that i have ever seen, which makes me cry every time i watch it! Also, he explored the human aspect pretty well, he really did! And its not every actor that is able to do it! That's why he is definitely one of the best contemporary actors worldwide! - well... here is the thing: i go for Fassbender anyway.. it doesn't matter which character!

Dionne said...

My favorite is either Connor in Fish Tank, Magneto in XMFC, or his character in Inglorious Bastards. (I can't choose just one). In Fish Tank he seemed like a regular guy. His performance felt really "pure" like he could be one of your guy friends. Even though he was obviously a 'flawed' character I still sympathized with him and liked him a lot. I also like it when his hair is longer as well ;)

In XMFC he was just phenomenal. I like to see him with an ensemble cast and still stand out. Once again his hair was longer as well and the bar scene! Whoo

I also have to add in Inglorious Bastards... The bar scene is what made me a fan of his, his acting was A+ in that film.

dianne said...

oh gosh! this is a hard one! he is wonderful in everything he does!!! :) but for me... even though it makes me feel sad every time i watch it... it touches me in a way i can't explain, when he portrayed Brandon in Shame. I don't usually cry in sad movies, i can shed a tear or two, but when i saw this movie for the first time, i spent most of the movie crying... it was very weird for me...i can't explain very well...

Vera said...

Ohhh Simone, this one is harder than my thesis to get a diploma)))

I'm like a child from Mr Nobody faced with an impossible choice. I would say that I don't really have a favourite, I like them all so much, but the closest one to me so far is Carl Jung from the Dangerous Method. It was the first film with Michael I've seen, and he just had me from the moment he walked into a room and said "Hello, I'm doctor Jung, I admitted you yesterday."

I like to recall these emotions I had when I first heard his voice. And then the movie got me so involved that I think even now I can recite half of it by heart. Michael's portrait of Jung as a man of his time was so precise and accurate that for this alone he should be given great praise. Not to mention that all the emotional range of Jung's inner battles was reflected brilliantly.

I regularly rewatch the movie and enjoy it every single time. I got so impressed that I even ordered the book on which a film was based on eBay, since I could not find it in Moscow )))))

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to pick just one. I will put a vote in for Lt. Harry Colebourn from A Bear Named Winnie. It has the ultimate trifecta of Michael in uniform, playful interactive scenes with a fuzzy bear cub and several heart tugging emotional displays.

Hupsakeek said...

Without no doubt...Brandon! His performance is breathtaking. Like Émilie said..."It's difficult to explain"...and that's is a true word. Brandon crawled under my skin will stay there forever.