Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fassy on a plane!

Michael with a fan on a plane around March 21 en route to Dublin. A pleasant, but not in sharky grin mode.
This is the third time that Michael Fassbender was photographed on an airplane. The first time he was asleep, the second he was with his then girlfriend, and now this time, a lady was lucky enough to get a picture of him in the middle of a aisle for all the rest of the passengers on the plane, to curiously wonder, who is that bloke in the NY hat? He must be famous for someone to pose with him on the plane. Well, this just goes to show you how nice and accommodating Michael appears to be. He doesn't have his usual toothy smile, but he looks pleasant enough. But I sense he's like, 'Ok, let's be quick about this people are looking'.

And you know what, speaking of his eye twinkling smile, I think we can sometimes get an idea as to how comfortable and happy he is when he poses with fans. Sometimes he smiles so enthusiastically, we fear his face will break, and you know then that he's completely enjoying that moment with the fan. Then there are other times when he has a pleasant smile... to be cordial. I don't know if Michael has ever told a fan no, and that says a lot about his character... but the radiance (or lack of) of Michael's smile can be telling at times.

Thankfully for me, when I got my picture taken with Michael, he's showing his teefs. Yeah! But my pose was more like the lucky plane lady above... trying to be in control and just smile, but she's probably screaming inside like how I was. So keep that in mind people when you get the opportunity to pose with Fassy. To go full smile, or full toothy smile. I reckon we all know when Michael is ecstatic and hopefully you'll get a sharky moment with Michael. :D


émilie said...

I'd be happy if I had a pic with him, shark grin or not!

Vera said...

Agree with Emilie )))) I think the main challenge for me will be not to faint ))))))))))

Dionne said...

Always have a camera or a phone ready... just in case ;) Shark grin with teeth is my favorite.

Kim d said...

I hear ya Vera