Monday, April 22, 2013

From the South to the North (updated)

As these last couple of pictures from Buenos Aires have been posted online, these may mark the last images we'll see of Michael Fassbender from his holiday in the Argentinian capital. He looks happy and handsome doesn't he? As this article reports, principle production work has already begun on X-Men: Days of Future Past in Canada so I reckon that Michael's next flight will be to Montreal.

I had an email conversation with Kelly of Limelight Impressions on Friday and he ordered some V-neck t-shirts immediately after our initial discussion about getting those t-shirts for us to purchase. He received those shirts, but he did not like the quality of them. So he ordered another brand, and he's satisfied with the quality and believes we'll like them too. I greatly appreciate his being concerned about our comfort with the t-shirts. The colors available are not as diverse as the round neck t-shirts, but at least some of that style shirt will be available for you to buy. I don't know about you guys, but I have had some v-neck shirts that lost their v-shape or it hung too low, if you know what a mean. So it's cool that he got a sturdier quality v-neck so that it doesn't look cheap and lose its shape over time. Just as soon as he gets the templates up on the website, he'll let me know, and I'll let you all know.

Update - Here is additional information from Kelly about overseas shipping:
You are correct I do ship overseas, almost all of my overseas customers select the USPS first class shipping I don’t have a time frame for how long it takes, that depends on the customs of the country I am shipping too, but I would say the majority are received in 2-3 weeks more on the 2 week side and the cost is usually less than $10.00, I have seen some internationals ship for as low as $3-$5.  When I ship overseas through the post office, my tracking abilities end when the package leaves the states, that is the only setback to that.  I have only had one shipment that the customer didn’t receive, when she let me know that the shirt hadn’t arrived I made her a new one and sent it, she did receive the second one within 2 weeks.


Myriam Cronk said...

Simone!! 1st post! :) Received my Stay Calm, Fassbender On T-shirt over the weekend!! LOVE IT ♥ - good quality; very comfy - wearing it around the house and will be traveling with me! Looking forward to receiving my other treats - had ordered the other shirt (butterfly) and can't wait to check out the Stein - will definitely order a V Neck. Thanks for everything! LOVE the website and happy to have seen from the pics and postings that Michael had a MAHVELOUS time in Buenos Aires - ♥ He'll always be welcome back I"m sure -

Simone said...

Yeah Myriam! I'm so glad you are enjoying your t-shirt, and that you also bought the pretty Celtic Butterfly FF shirt from the zazzle store. When we meet up sometime soon, we'll be sure to wear our Fassy stuff.

I'll call you in the coming week or two to plan a rendezvous in Royal Oak, ok? xoxo

Myriam Cronk said...

Simone, sounds like a plan!! I have a pending trip, but nevertheless we'll make it work :) Looking forward to it ♥ Besos! TTYS

Martha said...

I love these photos of Michael just hanging out with "people" as apposed to celebrities.

He is very cool. But I hope he does not develop any weird stalker situations because of this. Like poor Hugh Jackman, some fan tried to shave him because she thinks the scruff is not good. Crazy!

So to Michael I say keep safe and I can't wait to get my t-shirts (v-necks).

Dionne said...

I love the fan pics! :)

Kim d said...

His eyes are dazzling (as usual) in that second fan picture. I hope he's well rested. I worry about him not being able to have a normal life because he's Sarah Paulson put it.

I just saw Jackman in a restaurant right b4 the attack. Everyone was polite. No one bothered him. Then boom. That's why it's so scary for these celebs. Michael IS Magneto after all. Pp want to cling to him. Hope he can continue to live freely so he can observe human nature and use it for character study.