Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Great job Fassinators!

Michael and some dude friend in Los Angeles (from tumblr).
Tuesday morning, I emailed to Troika an announcement letter informing them about the success of the birthday fundraiser for The Bike Experience. I received a reply back within the hour "Simone, many thanks for this", and I have requested that it be brought to Michael's attention as his birthday gift. And since he's in London at the moment, I'm sure he is aware, and that should make all of us who donated, very, very proud of our group effort for this outstanding success on our first fundraiser.
Here is what the announcement stated:

The Fassinating Fassbender fan community would like to present to Michael Fassbender on his 36th birthday, our best wishes for a fantastic day! This certificate is to announce our donation to The Bike Experience in his honor, in the amount of £1142/$1739 (114% goal) raised for our first fundraiser!

We are proud to have selected this UK charity which gives disabled bikers the thrilling experience to ride again on a modified motorcycle in a safe environment.

The following Fassinators contributed to this charity and would like to extend their warmest Happy Birthday wishes to Michael:

And I listed the names of each donor, and put an asterisk by the names of the people who made multiple donations. The fundraiser is still open and it will close at the end of the day on Friday, April 5th. Next Monday, I will announce the winner of the donor raffle and she/he will have a choice of winning a t-shirt and mug from the FF Zazzle store, or a 'Keep Calm' t-shirt. Again,

Meanwhile, over the weekend, it was posted on twitter twice that Michael was seen at the Cat & Mutton with Trance star, Rosario Dawson, and then they were spotted the next day walking around Broadway Market. Some gossip columnist who are paid to write and start gossip have already made their declarations about what they think they know is developing. From my perspective, it's a wait a see, and at the moment, Michael and Rosario are at the least, just hanging out. She's gorgeous, and his type, but, we'll see.


Dionne said...

I'm so proud of the money we raised for the charity! We rocked out, especially since this was our first fundraiser.

émilie said...

great news!

Simone said...

I knew we would do well, but I didn't imagine just how well! There are so many wonderful and worthy charities all over the world that we could have supported. But I think it really resonated with fans that this type of charity was for otherwise healthy but disabled adults, who share a hobby passion of motorcycling, just like Michael. The thought that through an accident, one could never ride a bike again has to be devastating. However, because of The Bike Experience, this charity helps people fulfill their dreams, and I'm proud that we were able to do this!

Maria Willis said...

In glad to have helped as it's a good cause.

I saw the chatter, if true, kudos; I've always loved her style and disposition.

The success of the fundraising makes me the happiest!

Vera said...

It was the first charity I've ever donated for and I feel kind of proud of myself. ))))

And it was a great way to celebrate Michael's birthday this way!!!

Kim d said...

Yes, shouldn't let a disability kill your need for speed.

I really want to get a motorcycle but I don't want to obey the speed limit. I got the same 'problem' as Michael.

This is a cool gift. Glad I could give my little bit of change :)

Hupsakeek said...

I love it that the Fassinators embraced the fundraiser idea and also lived up to it. United we are strong! Your (fan)blog really stand out between all the gossip and other "fan"blogs. Proud to be a member of this (adult and proffesional) community.