Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recommendations for: Top Ten Most Glorious Photos of Michael Fassbender

Update: The list has been posted here.

I pinned this image of Michael at the FF Pinterest board a short while ago. And as I was looking at it, it dawned on me how beautiful he looks in this picture. I have never created a Top 10 Best Pictures of Fassy list, so I have now been inspired by an image that is definitely in the top 5. But I need your help. If you're interested, please email to me, ONE (1) image of Michael that you believe in all your heart, belongs in a top 10  best of fassy list. The only guideline is that said image has to be from a magazine photo shoot, or a clear crisp moment of him on the red carpet. With that said, I guess I already selected mine dammit, I have so many more - but this is where YOU come in. Email me 1 image by 5pm EST Friday, 26 April, and over the weekend, I'll post up the Top 10 best of fassy looks list. Basically, I am looking for nine other images - and I could get 20+ recommendations - that's fine. But it will be up to me to determine which image makes it into the Top 10 list, and in which order. I'm setting myself up as this will be challenging, but very fun. Also, as the images are posted, I'll state: Submitted by X - so your name will go down in glory as having a fine eye for things Fassy. Imagine your name as the image that is number one. If there's a tie, both people's names will be mentioned.

So Fassinators, go through your fassy image files and email me your most favorite beautiful/gorgeous/handsome picture of Michael... and leave it up to the fate of the Fassy Gods that it makes it to the list.


ps. Just to spare my brain cells, I'll delegate a few images to an 'honorable mentions' mini-list of three. :-)

What a great way to close out Fassy birthday month eh?


dianne said...

oh gosh...this is a hard one! i have some beautiful pictures of Michael...it's gonna be hard to choose!! :-)

Simone said...

I know Dianne, it's almost like torture! I'm glad I got my pic out of the way. LOL!

Hupsakeek said...

Well thanks Simone for ruin my good night sleep :)

Vera said...

I had the one you chose as a desktop background of my work laptop on the day of his birthday))))) then I changed it back to Star Trek theme because...well...I was seriously afraid of the Fassy overdose ))))
I will totally email my favourite one today!!!

Simone said...

@ Vera, there's no such thing as 'Fassy overdose', so retract that comment! :p

@Hupsakeek, drink some chamomile tea.

Dionne said...

I love this!!!

Martha said...


Simone said...


In the words of Peter Weyland to David: "Try harder"!

LOL! :p

Kim d said...

So...you're putting up every picture of Fassy?

Cool :)

Simone said...

Yes Kim, I'm placing them in decending or ascending order, depends on my mood. ;)