Friday, April 19, 2013

TGIF 419

Here is a nice picture of Michael and his mom Adele taken last summer. This week, Michael's co-star in 'Twelve Years a Slave', Sarah Paulson, who plays his wife in the film, was quoted this week saying this about Michael: "[He is] The most spectacular creature". Awwww, ain't she smart! I saw her at TIFF, she's gorgeous and I'm sure she'll be amazing in TYAS too.


**In other news, to any Fassinators who are in the Boston, MA area right now, please be cautious, take care of yourself, and pay attention to the advice of the FBI, Boston Police, and other law enforcement as they zero in on the terrorist suspect currently hiding out in your lovely city. I have been completely mesmerized by the news coverage (via the internet) in the past four hours and that is why the TGIF post has been posted later than usual.

There are more good people in this world than evil people, but the evil people unfortunately can cause a lot of terror and havoc to the rest of us. Be safe!


Dionne said...

TGIFassy! Be safe everyone

loopsofherhair said...

Such a sweet picture! Something about Adele makes me think that she could pass for Benedict Cumberbatch's mom also lol. Anyone else see it??
*Thoughts & prayers with Boston & West Texas*

Anonymous said...

Sweet pic.

Re: Boston. 2 lone guys were on the run and they shut down the entire city like it was martial law. Playing right into the twats hands. Total overkill.

Simone said...

LittleNell, do you live in Boston? Regardless if you do or not, I reckon you don't. I have read a lot of Monday night quarterbacking comments throughout the internet from people who wonder about why the city was on lock down.

In this unprecedented terrorist situation, once the midnight shoot out with the cops started, and one officer was killed outright, another gravely wounded, a carjacking, etc. Several more bombs found, bombs being thrown out of a car at the police that is being chased by the police like it was a fucked up movie, and the one suspect driving over his insane brother to escape... this all done by two corrupt anti-american fuckers who just four days earlier, blew up three human beings, including an 8 year old boy who was waiting to give his father a congratulations hug for completing the marathon, and maimed for life 180 other innocent human beings.

So yeah, you're right, it was total overkill to not ask the citizens of Boston to remain indoors until they find the other fucker. You're brilliant, let me know when you graduate from the police academy and work your way up to the rank of police commissioner and had the ability to request the city to shut down in order to protect more lives.

Anonymous said...

Oh please what a load of emotive crap. We have been dealing with terrorists on our soil for over a century and not once have we revoked the basic freedoms and liberties of citizens over some misguided notion of total safety, which is impossible to acheive anyway. There is a difference between advising people to stay indoors (which is what happened in DC), and shutting down an entire metropolitan city and it's infrastructure, forcing businesses, schools, universities, transport to close for a day - all to catch two kids. What kind of message does that send to would be terrorists? You can terrorize us and we will cower in our houses and lose millions in revenue because we really ARE scared. A more powerful unified message would have been business as usual, you will not defeat us.
A society that chooses to give up a liberty to ensure safety will achieve neither and lose both.

Simone said...

Don't worry LittleNell, there are enough people who feel like you. Armchair politicians and policemen who are absolutely clueless about how to handle a similar situation had they been responsible or actually in it. I know you are far removed from Boston, and hence your attitude.

But be that as it may, there is a lot that all of us can learn from this situation, as well as local and federal law enforcement, and another terrorist incident will occur again in this country and others. I hope for your sake that if a next terror asshole plans to blow people up, it doesn't have a direct impact on you.

You can choose to go about things as usual, and pretend all is well, or be cautious and stay in a safe place for a short period of time. The choice is yours to not stand on the sideline while law enforcement try to capture assholes who want to fuck over people like you.

It's always people like you who criticize and point fingers at the system and its faults instead wholly placing blame on the motherfuckers who set the chaos wheels in action.