Friday, April 5, 2013

TGIF405 (updated)

This is been a great week for the Fassinating Fassbender community! We recognized Michael's birthday on Tuesday, presented his donation certificate to his management, and today, our first successful fundraiser comes to a close, but not before a final donation made today by Stephanie!!! Thank you dear!

It appears that people like the new template so it's here to stay. I like it myself... it's a little brighter, but the actual section where the blog posts are, is still dark. So I like the contrast, and it's a bit more welcoming don't you think?

I won't be around much this weekend, I have some pressing assignments for grad school to complete, but I may come up for a breather and poke my head in.

TGiFassy everyone! Oh, and speaking of that, I have sent an email to Kelly at Limelight Impressions that I would like to add 'Keep Calm it's TGIFASSY!' as a t-shirt style to buy. Can you see yourself wearing that v-neck? Oh, and if you have received your t-shirt, please post a comment about it to let everyone else know your opinion of your shirt.

I forgot to share with many of you the latest comments from Talan, the founder of The Bike Experience, regarding our fundraiser:

Dear Simone

Many thanks for the update, it truly is a wonderful amount raised and we are extremely grateful to the fans and your efforts to raise the funds. We are getting ready for our first event at Silverstone on 9th April, but are struggling to find an insurance company as Silverstone requires PLi insurance for everyone using their facilities. We have never had to have it in the past as all or riders sign an indemnity form against the charity and the venue. I'm sure we will get there. We are fully booked from now until July, so there is huge interest in getting back on a bike, lets hope the legal paperwork can be sorted so we don't lose such a valuable venue.

Kind regards



Vera said...

TGI Fassy everyone!!! and have a nice weekend and enjoy yourselves!!!!

émilie said...

TGiFassy! Nice mail from Talan, I'm sure our money will be helpful for him

Dionne said...

TGIFassy everyone!

Hupsakeek said...

Yeah I like the contrast. I like the picture....well done!
It feel so good to read the reaction from Talan and knowing that we contribute to joy/ happiness.
And the new Keep Calm idea..GREAT!