Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Commentary: Don't Believe in Outrageous BIs

Tip: Make yourself a cup of tea before you begin...

You may wonder where does my passion for blogging come from, after all, writing for FF is not the only entertainment oriented blog I have ever written for. Way back in 1998 when I lived on the East Coast, I got bitten by the Internet bug when I had to fill in for a gossip-writer friend who was going on her honeymoon and I did two weeks of guest gossip writer at a long defunct pre-historic gossip website. After she came back from her honeymoon, I told her how much I enjoyed writing in her place that I wanted to continue doing it on my own. I had my own gossip website for a couple of years and it hit a peak when I moved from the DC area to New York City, a year later, where I saw a lot, and got cool tips. It wasn't a big website, but I had a cool following. Who knows, had I kept it up, I could now be living it up like Perez Hilton. But 9/11 changed that, I moved back to Michigan, I lost my gossip contacts, and interest in the website. I wrote to my readers in mid-2002 that the current issue was going to be my last and I thanked them for reading me those few years. I even got some mail from people who were upset that I couldn't keep it up. My life in dull ass Michigan was quite different than cool ass Manhattan. However, the gossip bug didn't leave me completely, I just switched gears and watched on the sidelines, and started a fan community on an actor who was popular exactly 10 years ago. However, the basis for this walk down memory lane and revelation is to explain the actual experience I have in detecting bullshit and mean celebrity gossip, from the interesting and probably real gossip. For 15 years, I have had a presence on the Internet writing or engaging in discourse about the entertainment industry and celebrity gossip. While I don't know everything and will never know everything, I do know a lot about the motivations behind the creation of gossip. And for the purpose of this article, I need you to understand this about me.

I have just a few favorite gossip oriented websites that I visit regularly to keep up on the silly scandals of a variety of talent in the entertainment industry. Yesterday, I happened upon a link to a website that I have stopped visiting exactly a year ago. There I read the "reveal" of a scandalous blind item (BI) and the claim of who the person was shocked me and then pissed me off because I know, this is not true. Michael's name was revealed as the blind item celebrity, and out of respect to him, I'm not going to provide the direct link to the website that features the disturbing BI. You will find it on your own, surely, but once you read it, and if you know anything about Michael Fassbender, you would know that this BI is a character assassination of the lowest and tackiest level. The behavior mentioned in the BI is not illegal, it's just gross. What grounds would Fassbender and his people have to sue, I do not know, but, the safety net that affords BIs is that if a celebrity wants to debunk a BI, he or she is basically saying, 'Hey, are you talking about me in that BI? Well, I'm going to have to prove you're wrong and make a bigger stink out of this than there already is'. So, that is why 99.2% of the celebrities who are thought to be the BI person, or is revealed as the BI person, don't do anything. They don't want to make matters worse, and in some cases, they don't want other stuff that may be true, to come to light if they press on a current stupid and irritating BI. And that is the case with Michael. The BI of concern is just so juvenile and skanky, that I hope any true Fassbender fan would dismiss it because it's so laughably fucked up and strange. But sadly, some people will wonder if it's true, and the haters and those who live for Fassbender gossip, will lap it up with pleasure.

Michael can be cute and silly at times, but he's not nasty and skanky.
I will share with you the one gossip site that I visit daily, and it's The reason why I like them is because they make a concerted effort to share BIs that are true, and have credible and believable sources. A year ago, the owner of Blind Gossip discovered that one of their "sources" is a fraud, and there was a write up in the New York Post about it, and since April 2012, Blind Gossip has removed all BIs from that source, and they do not acknowledge that other BI source anymore because it's all lies and shits and giggles with that other source.
Here is what Blind Gossip has to say about the website that has revealed Michael Fassbender as the celebrity of one of their BIs:

Dear Blinders,

We put a great deal of time and effort into writing our original blind items. They may not always be shocking and salacious, but they are authentic and accurate. Even in the world of celebrity gossip, we think it is important to exercise some integrity in discussing real people and their behavior.

Another blogger chose a different path, and, as a result, we need to take action.

You may have noticed that recent items from “Enty” (short for “Entertainment Lawyer”) at CDAN were getting longer, more detailed, and much more shocking. Big-name celebrities were dragged into the discussion, and wild accusations about disgusting acts (r*ape, m*rder, beatings, p*dophilia) were made. Not surprisingly, their website traffic shot up, and the mainstream press started discussing their items.

Following a detailed interview with Enty himself, a skeptical New York Post reporter conducted an independent and thorough investigation of Enty and CDAN.

Here’s what they discovered: Enty is a liar, and the items published on CDAN are lies. The full story from The New York Post is below, and can also be read here.

Given these disturbing facts, we will no longer carry CDAN items on this website.

We sincerely apologize to our readers for the time they may have invested in the past in trying to solve those items. You deserve much better, and we will do everything in our power to deliver original and third-party-sourced content that is both entertaining as well as credible.

Sincerely, Ace - Source
I would rather have the BI website that I dislike be referenced via Ace's note. So now you know which website I'm talking about. What is of importance to note is that the BI that Michael is associated with was posted in September 2012, mere months after the liar behind that website was exposed for making up lies; he shamelessly continues on (but Michael was "revealed" as the BI celebrity on April 27, 2013).  Another thing that is important to be aware of is exactly what Ace speaks of, and that is the motivation behind the creation of ridiculously unbelievable, nasty BIs: it's for website traffic, which equals more advertising dollars, and a higher profile within the mainstream entertainment business. How can anyone take what he writes seriously anymore? Go to the source link above to refer to the other links that further explain the sordid details of this mess, and it is my hopes that when you read that BI that claims it is about Michael Fassbender, you will take it with a mountain of salt, and never go to that website again. To do so is to condone what he is doing there, and that's not cool!

Just yesterday, my blogger friend Jason at My New Plaid Pants, warmly referred to Fassinating Fassbender as "Fassy Headquarters" when he linked his readers to review the Top 10 Glorious Photos. It brought a smile to my face and, I guess it made me proud too. We are "Fassy HQ", I help keep up his wiki, and I try to help keep the bullshit gossip fires so they don't spread and get really nasty. If that makes me fodder to be mocked and ridiculed... then bring it. I guarantee you, I will be the one left standing. I enjoy being a Fassinator and I'm just doing what I as an admin of "Fassy Headquarters" must do.


Kim d said...

Simone, I had to stop reading several sites. One site said that Michael did something just b4 an interview. And I'm like GTFOH.

I just don't like lies about anyone. It makes me angry when pp make up stuff about people they don't like. There are many celebs I don't care for. I don't go out of my way to make up stuff about them. I don't care enough to waist my energy.

There's a few pp who are either jealous of Michael or mad at him for his personal choices. Also, we have to keep in mind that these BI pp know he's hot and they want to ride that wave to get pp to read their garbage.

I may be wrong but I never heard him say anything mean about anybody so it must be them and not him. If pp keep reading that crap, it will interfere with the whole movie experience. How are you supposed to get lost in a character when you have the personal stuff and BIs swimming in mind? He's a damn fine actor and I don't want that ruined by this gossip/spin crap either. Whatever he wants us to know, he will tell us. What can you do?

Well I hang out with pp who love him.

Dionne said...

take all gossip and BI's with a grain of salt

dianne said...

I’m going to be honest I spend a lot of time on the internet...may be more than I should…. But anyway, every time I see a good movie I tend do to do some research about the actors that I liked most and the directors…etc.. and sometimes, I might stumble upon some gossip sites … and it makes me sad how can people be so mean and put out there such mean things about people that they don’t even know…. It’s pure jealousy! I can’t stand it… but unfortunately that’s how the cookie crumbles….
To Simone…keep up this amazing blog!! I love it!... I’m a tiny itsy bitsy obsessed about it..heheh I come here often for some Fassy news! I love the way you express yourself (I think I already said that somewhere….but to many times aren’t enough!) and I like the way you keep only about his work…and he’s good looks ;-)

Martha said...

Fassy Headquarters! Wow that is a great compliment. Happy to be a part of this group.

I think I had read about this someplace else and it is truly disturbing that people will go to that trouble to say such things. Such sad lives these people must live to go to the trouble of doing something like this. It is even sadder that people believe this stuff. I guess though when other celebrities do crazy things it's easier to believe anything that is said about others.

At least Michael knows he has a sane fandom in us. :)