Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Frank is totally going to be bought at Cannes 2013

It's too bad that Michael Fassbender is not at Cannes promoting a film this year (um, the second year in a row, but who's counting?), but The Irish Film Board (website) will be there with a small army of Irish film supporters at their Irish Pavilion selling Irish Films and seeking financing, and 'Frank' is one of them. Take a look at their fancy Cannes Screening Flyer and you will note Frank on page 2, bottom left. With Michael Fassbender's name practically placing him in the A- range on the 'A-List' at the most (at the least, he's a solid B), Frank will surely be one of the Irish films that sell.

I wonder if there will be a moment in Frank where we will see Michael without the Frank head on? Maybe he'll have a quiet moment to himself where he's seen taking it off to go to bed, take a shower, or eating in private. I hope so, I can't imagine the producers not wanting to show a glimpse of that face, can you?

In 15 days I'll be in London and that very weekend, Hupsakeek and I will wander through Hackney. I've been there before, but it was in December, so it will be nice to visit during the late spring and actually lay out in London Fields too and spend much more quality time, and money in Broadway Mkt. Check out the wiki page for Hackney as well as the Hackney council website, and the Hackney area guide from London Time Out.


Jhessye said...

Sweeet that is so awesome that you are meetnig other people from your fav fandoms Simone! Fantastic!!!!!

Dionne said...

Whoo hooo! Fingers crossed for Frank. Simone you will have a blast :)

Hupsakeek said...

I love the flyer. And I hope we get a glimpse of Michael without the head in Frank, but my innervoice is saying that won't happen. And that that's one of the reasons Michael want to play this role. But perhaps my innervoice has it wrong...time will tell.

Kim d said...

Not worried about Frank. It will be sold. I mean Michael is in it...duh! :)