Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Frank Update: The Head Stays On! (Updated)

No Fassy Face in Frank.
Well ain't that a bitch. (sigh) Oh well, I did prepared myself but the worse is true, according to Empire Online's review of some footage from Frank in Cannes, the paper head remains on Michael's perfect head for the entire film. There's no word yet on buyers for the film, but we should hear something positive on that front any moment now. Very excited to hear Michael's "deep, rich American accent". So with 'Frank' apparently being Americanized, this is definitely be very loosely influenced from the real Frank, who was British.

Already much buzzed about due to that first look pic showing Michael Fassbender wearing a Frank Sidebottom-style papier-mâché head, the footage from Lenny Abrahamson’s comedy about a gonzo rock band was the biggest hit among the assembled journalists. The focus here is on Domnhall Gleeson, effectively playing Jon Ronson (on whose experiences the film is based) as he joins a band, only to find that they’re all one capo short of the fifth fret. We got to hear Fassbender speak as Frank, in a deep, rich American accent, but there wasn’t even a hint of the head coming off. And there were plenty of laughs, too, as Gleeson’s character adjusts to the methods of a group that think outside the box. “Somebody’s thinking in the key of C!” bellows Frank, as he and his cohorts run around in a circle. “It’s me! Sorry” yells Gleeson, who is promptly decked by Maggie Gyllenhaal, as the band’s thereminist. Highly promising.

Since it's a very slow Fassbender news week, here's an oldie but goodie of Michael and Daddy Fassbender. It's from Cannes 2008. Surely we'll most likely see Michael at Cannes 2014. :-)

Updated: Posted on twitter 5/22 Michael at Buckmore Park Kart in Kent, England -
 Buckmore Karting @BuckmorePark 2h
Look who was with us tonight. What an Inglorious Basterd.

A man and his love for cars. :-) the website.


Dionne said...

I had a feeling that the head would stay on! :( Give me a minute, I'm sure I'll manage. lol

Hupsakeek said...

So my inner voice was right....Off course I would love to see him, but a big, big part of me find it a great that he has the "guts" to play this role. I love him for that...I find it hard to explain exactly what I mean..I will try. To play this role shows to me there is so much more to him then just being an actor. Playing this role on this point of his career is a statement also shows that he has humor and self-deprecating. That's no news, but to me is Michael playing Frank a confirmation that he is one of the great ACTORS of this time. AMEN

Vera said...

Agree with Hupsakeek. I also bow low to the courage of producers who dared not to show any piece of the perfect Fassy face and were stll certain of their success.

Kim d said...

That only showed a clip at the Cannes right? So maybe we're in for a surprise.

Maria Willis said...

I'm kinda excited because this film sounds light and whimsical based on the description, it'll be a change in venue from his other films!

Kim d said...

I'm excited too Maria. I'm so glad he did a comedy. He's showing his diversity. He's not even a method actor (doesn't stay in character) which makes him incredible in my book.

Completed movies I'm looking forward to in this order:

Twelve Years
Malik...if Michael makes it and I know he will