Monday, May 13, 2013

Images of Michael Fassbender

What happened this past weekend is the last time such a situation will ever occur again. Short of having the true copyright holder of an image of Michael Fassbender instructing me to remove an image of the actor from Fassinating Fassbender (it's only happened once before), or the private/fan owner of their photo with Michael, I will not remove anymore images from Fassinating Fassbender. Some of you readers got a glimpse of the nasty side of being part of a fandom from comments from one source on Saturday. Let the public record show what transpired and I for one know I handled it as decently and professionally as possible. Fassinating Fassbender is MY blog, it's a fan blog, not a profit earning enterprise, so of course I run the show here! If anyone has any concerns or issues with my management of MY personal fan blog, or need to discuss something, I strongly suggest that you email me - that way you know I will read it because I will respond to you, regardless if it's a mean email or a friendly one. But comments posted here at FF that is attacking me or trying to tell me off or put me in my place, will be deleted. I know some people want to show the world their dissatisfaction with me or FF, and try to hijack a conversation by thinking they have a right to post on my blog their negative sentiments about me or this community. But posting rants and nonsense is not adding to the discussion topic, it's an off-topic rant  - akin to coming into my house, uninvited, to yell at me, that's unacceptable in the real world, and it's unacceptable here and it makes people uncomfortable- (Thank God for supportive FF friends xoxo) and it will be considered spam. So save yourself the time and just send me an email if you really want to get something off your chest to me, about me.


Maria Willis said...

Well hell, I missed it all but nonetheless it seems resolved.

You're a class act Simone!

I've seen several pictures that are familiar from my own tumblr dash, they're everywhere! Can I just say one thing?


I'm pretty sure if you checked my Fassy tag on my blog it's the same set of pictures edited to kingdom come; I will greedily admit my thirst in wanting a new photo shoot!

I hope everyone has a lovely day :)

Hupsakeek said...

Well put Simone!

April said...

Simone, you handled the whole situation with class and restraint, not surprisingly :) The "open field" for poor behavior is one of the reasons I am reluctant to enter very deeply into any online community, but you do a tremendous job of keeping this one in line, without being heavy handed about it. So thank you again for all the work you put into this site, and kudos!

Simone said...

Thanks Maria, Marjan and April!

The primary reason why I created Fassinating Fassbender was because I wanted to enjoy the Fassbender community in a way that I as a fan, would want to enjoy it. Back in 2007 I sensed that Michael was going to be a huge celebrity one day, and when time came to create this blog, it was time for me to move on here and do things the way I felt they should be run, for those who were like me.

Not all fan communities can or should be the same and appeal to everyone. We have our little gig right here, and the right fans, and the right people who need to know we're here, know we are here, and enjoy things as they are. But I cannot take all the credit. It's regular visitors and friends like you all who make FF what it is. :)

Martha said...

Wow, I go away for a few days and chaos ensues. Why do people do this to themselves? They make themselves look bad when they post such negativity. By the way I went to see 42 this weekend and may I say it was wonderful. All the actors did amazing jobs. To paraphrase Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) in regards to the hateful comments of the Philadelphia Manager, "He is actually making people sympathetic towards Jackie. Everytime he speaks he makes himself look bad".

So the same can be said of these Non-Fans. And it seems it's the same things and the same people. We just have to keep our cool.

I love this place Simone. I love all the regulars here. You make me feel sane in my obsession. LOL

Stephanie Wesley said...

Well said! Very classy indeed. As a Fassy fan, I must tell you that this is one of my favorite fansites! You know the saying, one bad apple.. Oh well, people have a choice of which website to go to...or not!

Simone said...

Hello Stephanie! Thank you for your supportive words, I really appreciate it! :D