Monday, May 6, 2013

Irishmen are the Third Ugliest Dudes on Planet Earth...

Original Restored - better and unedited (Photo by Nino Munoz )
According to the blind and conceited nincompoops at But if you care to go to that website (here), don't waste your time unless you are ~*~BEAUTIFUL~*~ and are a member of that dating website. The website discovered the dating site and learned that there was a recent poll that listed Irishmen as the third ugliest men in the world. As you can imagine, they were pissed off, and I'm left scratching my head too. I mean really? The Irish website says that the dating website could "go and shite". Right on! And they also went ahead and pulled out their Fassbender and Farrell cards, and listed a few other rather drop dead gorgeous Irish dudes, namely two beautiful bitches named Colin O'Donoghue, and Aidan Turner. Go check out their show off proof list that Irish men don't deserve to be listed third ugliest men in the world.

Over the weekend at Pinterest, I posted a chat invite for Sunday at 1pm EST to view X-Men First Class. It was up for 24 hours, giving a decent amount of time for people who were interested and available to join, but in the end, it was only me and Barbara. But you know what, it was fine - she and I enjoyed watching First Class together, with six hours time difference between us and we were pretty much in sync in the actual viewing. Next time, I'm going to suggest to set up your DVD/Blu-ray, and freeze it at the opening credits and wait for all to enter so the same scene can be view simultaneously. Because with the more people in the future, the more challenging it will be to make sure we're all in sync. As the film ended, we were joined by Dionne and another person who poked their head in. We chatted a bit longer, but then I had to leave. So, what I would like to do is announce a film chat session at least 4 days in advance, and as long as there are two people that's fine, but the more the merrier, but the limit is at 10. And somehow, I don't think that will be a problem. The chats will occur on Saturdays or Sundays at 1pm EST to accommodate the 5-6 hour difference in Europe where most non-US chatters will hail from.

Thanks for voting in the FF at Facebook poll thus far. Once we get up to 100 votes, I will have a clear cut understanding of how to proceed. So please vote if you haven't yet. And yes, I have voted too. :)

Updated from twitter:

News around Hackney ‏@LovingDalston 2m @FassFass Mikey Fassbender is not bad-looking. Above all, he acts well.
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By News around Hackney @LovingDalston


Vera said...

Third ugliest? are they insane or what? )))))) personally I think this statement should go to hell immediately. And burn there forever. ))))))

Dionne said...

LOL @ that article. No words

Fingersmith said...

I don't know that these people are taking. I personally see the Scottish and the Irish men as the most sexy and handsome. Maybe I have an aquired taste then... LOL Btw the Hackney pic is awesome. I love the focused look on 'Mikey' :-P

Simone said...

For pure shits and giggles, go to the link below to read the comments from those who were rejected from the beautiful people website. they are hilarious!


Vera said...

Link to the comments is hilarious.

Maria Willis said...

Ewe at the site.....

I'm very okay with the notion of an Irishman or woman thank you!

Martha said...

In every country there will be attractive and non attractive people. This company is so dumb, but at least it gives us a laugh.

Hey at least the one guy that was kicked out if a country for being too handsome knows they might accept him.

And Go Ireland for defending itself. I wish they had included Fassy pictures though.

Simone said...

I concluded an 48-hour unscientific consumer study today with the website. On Monday, after writing this article, I submitted my profile to the website to see what would happen. Over the course of these two days, I got email feedback telling me that someone was looking at my profile, and each person who does, they vote on your profile from: beautiful, ummm ok, no, and, absolutely not.

Nice eh? Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

I got some beautifuls and ummm oks, but I got more no's and absolutely not, because you know, I'm all gross and shit. LOL!

After 48 hours, I got an email from the website saying that I did not pass the beauty test of existing members, so they have to decline my profile.

Trust me, I'm not crying, nor do I feel bad. I think the entire thing is a silly fraud and those who need such a service are very pyschologically messed up.

Will any of you try it to see if you will score high enough to be accepted?

Be warned though, reviews from the internet are concerned that because the majority of voters are Scandinavian, they have a preference for those who fit that ethic demographic, and hence the reason why so many people are denied membership.

Oh well, this concludes the testing of an absolutely meaningless website . :-)

Dionne said...

@Simone OMG. Those people are insane! So most of them are Scandinavians? Well I guess that could explain some of the bias. Beauty is subjective so no website can tell someone that they aren't beautiful enough. If they think the Irish are ugly they lack taste and lose all credibility imo.

Vera said...

Created a profile too ))))) let's see if I stand any chance with this sophisticated and intellectually challenging website ))))))

MFO said...

Simone, It is very uncool and unclassy of you to steal our April 26th Fassbender Friday image of Michael and crop out our #FF stamp but keep our border design for use on your blog. The least you should have done was not remove our stamp and give us credit as well as contact us to ask if that would acceptable.'We have not taken anything from you or your blog and we definitely have not stolen the images and removed the TGiFassy you use. Ever. You also tend to imitate, make false claims, tear down others and attempt to take ownership of many things. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. Throughout the years, we at MFO have quietly and graciously taken your unkind, derogatory and ugly behaviour. No more. If you choose to ignore me then further action may be taken. Kathy - Admin|Owner Michael Fassbender Online [MFO]

Simone said...

Kathy, your accusation could have easily been made in private via email, but yet you chose to post your comments here at FF. Firstly, I often quickly do a google search for images of Michael and if I find one to my liking, I save it. You also should be aware that whatever image that is on the internet of Michael Fassbender, can be lifted from your page, re-edited, and easily posted somewhere else without credit. This obviously was the case.

Because your website community makes a habit of branding images of Michael Fassbender with their logo, I avoid those, I do not crop out your branding. Trust me when I say, I have no use for images that are branded with your logo as said image can be found from other sources on the net, namely at tumblr, for instance. The image in question did not have your watermark on it, just the border as I found it. It is obvious that the source I got it from, removed your watermark, and hence, I did not know this was originally re-edited from your page.

I take great offense to you coming to FF to make a false allegation that I deliberately took this from your website. I have no use for visiting your website, let alone using images from there. I will remove this image and replace it with the same image but it will be larger, uncropped, and unbordered.

In regards to your defamation of my character, my administration of this community, and my profile in the Fassbender fandom, I take great offense! How dare you come here and make claims that I "imitate, make false claims, tear down others and attempt to take ownership of many things. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds."

Dare I say that this diatribe comes from insecurities and jealousies? I state once more, I have no use for your website, I work very, very hard, to maintain Fassinating Fassbender while working full-time and being a full-time Graduate student. Again, stressing the fact that I have no use for your website, I create activities, interactions, social media endeavors, and original article content here at FF 100% on my own volition without any influence from other fan communities.

FF does not have the audacity to refer to itself as the premiere MF source, but we are fun, engaging, and wholly supportive of the career of Michael Fassbender. Any threats you may feel from FF originates from your own misguided defensive stance and paranoia.

If in the future I happen to mistakenly use an altered image that was found by another source from your website, I kindly request that you email me and I will remove it. Any other arrogant and false accusations made against me here at FF from you or a representative from your community, will be deleted as spam and I myself will be prompted to take further action.

aimee said...

As a member of the ff community I've had the pleasure of getting to know the wonderful work Simone does as a blogger. What I like about her and her blog is how responsible she is with all info, pictures and comments posted on the blog, as well as the great care she puts in all her blog-related activities.
I have been following her posts for a while now and I've never found anything out of place or offensive: she is a smart, meticulous and, above all, respectful blogger.
I sincerly hope all mf fans can continue to post their views, info, pictures and whatever material they want in a civil and friendly environment

Fingersmith said...

I just was to express my support to Simone and for the professional and respectful way in which she runs this blog and engages with the community of fans. I have never seen her do the things you accuse her of, Kathy. Your decision, however, to make these public acccusations was far from professional. Also, I am not sure where your propietory entitlement comes from. Surely there is enough space on the web for more than one fan blog???

MFO said...

Simone - You know full well that you have repeatedly made unkind, unprofessional and untrue comments about MFO and others throughout the years via your blog, newsletters and social media sites and we have not said anything to you until now. Insecurities and jealousies may be something taking place on your end but that is definitely something we at MFO do not have or experience. We have no need to. In regards to branding, many sites do this. I was specifically speaking to the image we used for our April 26th Fassbender Friday image for the fans which shows a Fassbender Friday stamp just as the images you use and place 'TGiFassy' text on the images you use. Of course you can deny and continue to make false claims but you and I know the truth of what has and has not taken place throughout the years. It is you that made the decision long ago to take the unwarranted stance of defense and paranoia. We fully supported and cheered you on in the beginning and what we got in return was mean and rude behavior. The fans and public are not aware of the situation of the truth but we are.

Vera said...

Whoa, Kathy, that's harsh.

First of all, I would rather you did not talk about stealing the image since I suspect it was neither taken nor bought by you personally or any members of the MFO community. I guess you did not add any personal features that could have made this picture unique. Thus, I believe you can not entirely claim it to be your property, which could indeed have been stolen should you have done any of the things mentioned above.

Secondly, you could have indeed resolved all your issues with Simone personally via email. She is always extremely respectful and would have never done this within your resource.

@Simone: never mind and keep up excellent work you're doing!!!

And now to the subject I came here to write: surprisingly enough, I got a lot of ehhh, ok and got accepted to our favourite dating website ))))))))) maybe that's because I live closer to Scandinavia???? )))))))))

Simone said...

Kathy, you can continue to play the victim card all you want! When we last spoke, probably two years ago via email, you made the same comments to me, and here you are, yet again, whining.

I have toned down my attitude in regards to the silly competition game you designed, and all my comments are public record be they snide, snarky, sarcastic, or to be silly, I stand by them but, I have moved on. Clearly you haven't. Grow up and stay in your own playground, stop stalking my blog - pay me no attention because I surely pay no attention to you and your website.

Any additional comments by you in this thread will be treated as spam, and harassment, and therefore will be deleted.

Simone said...

@Vera, you got accepted because you're BEAUTIOUS and you now cannot deny it. You can walk about us mere mortals with your fine self! ;-)

are you going to join? :)

Vera said...

@Simone: are you kidding me??? of course no!!! )))))))) I've aleady deleted the profile. I'm not really into the idea of accepting or not accepting anyone into whatever community based solely on appearance. Of course appearance is important, but one should not emphasise it so much.

Dionne said...

OMG. How dare someone have the AUDACITY to come to FF and claim that you stole their pic of Michael?!? A pic that is not theirs? To claim that you took their edit and cropped their MFO logo out is pathetic.

Simone has been nothing but professional, informing, kind and open minded since I've joined FF. I have NEVER heard her say one negative word about MFO or any of their admins. Clearly someone is projecting their paranoia onto you Simone.

How unprofessional and petty of you Kathy. You could have emailed Simone if you had a problem with her or the use of an image you claim to be yours that she unknowingly used. It seems that you have some deep seated issues with Simone that I hope can be worked out.

To talk about imitation and hypocrisy? LOL You don't own any rights to anything in the MF community. How conceited you must be to think that someone would want to imitate you. LMAO.

You should really think about not throwing stones when you live in a glass house. I really am just disgusted that Kathy would think someone would go out of their way to take things from MFO and or imitate them.

@Vera you got in! Congrats.

dianne said...

How can someone have the audacity to come to this community and make false allegations!! About the photo, it’s a little funny… Someone with minor education will know that you can find various photos of MF (or any other) with and without can someone accuse Simone of “cropping” the watermark if there are hundreds of the exact same photos that she can download from…why would she deliberately copy yours and crop it…when she can find one watermark free?
But even worst is how can someone accuse Simone of her false claims, tear down others …and even doubt her authenticity…. And even doing this publicly… I think it’s someone that does that is definitely jealous of the growth of this community! Why does it grow? Because we have someone like Simone running it…Simone is an excellent communicator and she runs this blog in the most respectful manner !
Simone don’t mind the loathsome people… let it in by 100 km/h and out by 200km/h… you rock :)

Hupsakeek said...

I just want to say that, imo, the fassinating fassbender blog is a serious blog and I know that Simone have high standards. The accusations made by Kathy have no ground. Why? In The Netherlands you have portrait rights and copyrights. The portrait right belongs to the person on the picture/painting and so on He or she is the only one who can have that portret right. The copyright is for the photographer/painter. This right can be transfered to an other person. The photographer can sell his copyright. I don't know how it works in the USA but I guess it will be the same. I don't think that MFO bought the copyrights, because on their own site they published a disclamer ( where they say "All content published is the sole property of the authors and/or owners who hold the respective copyrights and are taken from sources made available to the public." So if that is the case, why do they mark the pic with their logo and publish a comment on this blog saying that the FF-blog stole an image of MFO??? Saying that stealing an image is not classy. WTF!!! Dear Kathy it's not classy to claim pictures that aren't yours. So don't talk about what is classy if the only intention is to throw dirt....that's not classy you know. So my advice is to go on with your MFO blog, remove your stamp but keep up the good work by naming the photographer, cause he owns that right and so does Michael. Those are the only two persons (according to the Dutch law) who have the capability to claim a picture.

Martha said...

Dear MFO I have visited your site a few times and wondered why you put your logo on images of Michael when you have not taken those pictures yourself. I have always found that strange as a person who loves photography. I have seen those same pictures in other places so it's weird.

I think the only one that should label images like that should be the person who actually took the picture or the company that may have contracted a particular person.

As far as your accusations about Simone being unprofessional I don't see it. I have been coming here for maybe almost two years so you and I are seeing differently. This community is solid because we are sane people who don't allow stupid comments. So maybe if you said something stupid this may be why you feel this way. If you feel this negatively about this community maybe you should just stay away.

Simone said...

On that note, all who cared to voice their support have spoken and I will now close this thread.