Friday, May 31, 2013

TGIF 531

I'm in London as you read this, and what better image could be used to celebrate this occasion other than that series of pictures of Michael having the time of his life outside of 34 Restaurant in London, back in January 2012? This evening, Hupsakeek and I will be dining there and we'll have a glass of champagne in honor of our fellow Fassinators here at FF! I don't believe I have seen this picture before. I did crop it a bit to remove the door man, whose hat Fassy is toying with. I like to keep the focus on Michael as often as possible, and I'm sure you understand that!

TGiFassy my friends, I'm thinking of you while I'm living it up in London! xoxo

-entry written two days ago and schedule post set to go live today at 6am EST.


Dionne said...


Vera said...

TGI Fassy!
Michael is in the bit of dancing mode )))) I like the pic )))))

Hupsakeek said...

Simone and I having a great time! Last night we had diner at restaurant 34 and it was delicious. Now we are in Hackney, enjoying coffee and cajcake34

Dionne said...

@Hupsakeek that's great to hear! :)