Monday, May 13, 2013

"Two of the finest actors of their generation"

Variety had a brief article about the recent announcement for Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman. While many Fassinators are feeling 'meh' about Portman playing Lady Macbeth, we're resigned to this casting decision and just greatly look forward to seeing this film because of Michael. According to Variety, this is going to be a hot production because it appears that all the ducks are in the row and settled with the primary casting, producing, financing, directing, distribution, etc. If filming starts by the Fall of this year, dare I expect this version of Macbeth to be at Cannes exactly a year from now? And I already know that Michael is going to be bloody (literally) fantastic as Macbeth, and if the boy can't get Oscar buzz from this, nothing will!

“We are very pleased to be financing ‘Macbeth’ which deftly brings contemporary themes to an iconic story,” said Studiocanal chairman-CEO Olivier Courson.

Canning and Sherman commented: “With Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman, we have two of the finest actors of their generation, playing two of the most celebrated roles of all time.” - Variety

By the way, to refresh my memory of Macbeth, last week I rented the 1978 BBC production of Macbeth featuring Ian McKellan and Judi Dench. It was a very BBCish production I'll tell you, so it definitely whetted my appetite for what Fassy can do as MacBeth. Which stage or film version of Macbeth is your favorite?

Regarding the poll about which actress you would like to see Michael work with again. Well, I'm sorry that I left off Kelly Reilly from 'Eden Lake'. She was absolutely brilliant in it, and they made a very handsome couple. She's a wonderful actress and she just slipped my mind when I created the poll. So if you want to vouch for her, say 'Aye' here.


Vera said...

Shame on me I haven't even read Macbeth let alone watch a movie based on it. But it seems like I still have plenty of time )))))

Anonymous said...

I've seen the BBC version with James McAvoy, and I've seen him on stage in London a few weeks ago. I liked the stage version better :)

I remember an interview in which McAvoy said something about how Sir Ian, Sir Patrick and himself will be able to talk about their Macbeths on XMDFP's set and Michael's going to be left out because he hasn't played the part. Looks Michael will be able to join in after all :D

Also, please add Kelly Reilly to the poll ! (and maybe Carey Mulligan too ?) She and Michael did make a great couple in Eden Lake !

Simone said...

Oh shoot, I forgot Carey Mulligan too. Danggit.

It's too late to add them since there are so many votes already.

But yes Sorujaa, Michael will now be able to join in on Macbeth discussions!

Dionne said...

I loved Michael and Carey Mulligan as well! <3

Kruschelkasten said...

There is a modern BBC production of four of Shakespeare's plays, set in modern surroundings. Macbeth is set within the restaurant and gourmet scene. And James McAvoy is playing a chef.
When you get used to the modern touch it is quite a good one.

LG Christine

meelichka said...

I can not wait for this, I can only imagine how he will play out Macbeth's emotions.. he will be stunning. I haven't watched Eden Lake but hopefully I can check it out soon.