Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Fassinating Find

I received an email from Fassinator Sidra who lives in New York City, and she had a public and surprise Fassy situation:

So I was at Lincoln Center yesterday in the at Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center for the Open Roads: New Italian Cinema festival and after my movie screening I went to use the bathroom and I was admiring the photo portraits of actors/actresses on the walls around the hall- and then I saw Michael's pic! I let out an excited yelp (laugh) and couldn't stop smiling. I was so surprised (and happy) to see him up on the wall with other prominent actors/actresses and directors.

Funny when I started taking pics of his pic- the other moviegoers were curiously looking to see who I was snapping photos of.

The pic was taking in October 2011 it said under his name.

And I believe the photographer is Myrna Suarez.

Thanks for this Sidra, what a fun situation to be in. Now matter how much attention one draws upon oneself at the moment of a fassinating Fassy find, you just do what Sidra did her and ignore the other people. Here is Myrna's website with the photo of Michael, and one of Steve McQueen -
It's under the thumbnails image collection. What's interesting to note of this picture is his autograph. Usually, Michael signs, 'M. Fassbender' and maybe a personal two word message. But this time he wrote his full name.

BTW, there are some interesting topics going on at pinterest, please feel free to join in.


Kim d said...

Nice picture!! I'm right down the street from Lincoln Center. I have to go and smooch the picture. It's the closest I can get to Mike right now ;(

Welcome back Simone.

Vera said...

Ohhh Simone, you changed the background pic to an absolutely gorgeous photo of Michael, thank you so much!!!))))))))))

Simone said...
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Simone said...

Glad you like it Vera! I had to tweak the entire template to accommodate the image. The 'blog/journal' area is as narrow as fassy's waist now. LOL!

Dionne said...

Very nice surprise

Martha said...

Very interesting topics going on at Pinterest for sure! Also the Irish and German shirts are a great idea. I'd only be afraid someone would speak to me in that language and I'd be like what?! LOL. As far as the Emerson page, that is too cute. I wonder what Michael and he would think about it?

Simone said...

I will contact Kelly to see if he can do one style in German and one in Gaelic. That would be an awesome option to have. Maybe also consider a French and a Spanish version, just for the hell of it.

Re: the newest pinterest board, it's just a collection of images of the two of them in one location. People didn't know who Michael's best friend is, now they know -

Martha said...

EspaƱol SI! Por Favor.